Monday, October 25, 2021

Medical Lane Access at San Ysidro Moved

Access to the border crossing lane for medical tourism and business use at San Ysidro will now be through Paseo de los Héroes

The special “fast pass” lane for medical and business use at the San Ysidro border crossing heading has been moved. Beginning today, users must enter from the left side at the west end of Paseo de los Héroes street in Tijuana.

Border crossers using this special lane are normally able to cross northbound with wait times less than 20 minutes.

This program, operated by the Tijuana municipal government, is designed so that patients who visit the city for medical reasons or entrepreneurs who do the same for investment reasons are able to return to the United States in a more expeditious manner.

To access this lane, also known as Fast Lane, a pass is required that can only be issued through authorized purveyors of the passes.

Health providers and area businesses purchase these passes from the Tijuana municipal government to be able to give them to their patients, as well as business investors from the United States.

The decision to relocate this “fast pass” lane is part of an ongoing building project at the San Ysidro Border which will allow for the creation of an additional eight new entry lanes into the United States.

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