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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Your Permission to Use the Forum

Subject to these terms, Talk Baja gives you permission to use this website and forum. Every member is required to agree to these terms to use the forum.

Conditions for Use of the Forum

Your permission to use the forum is subject to the following conditions:

• You must be at least thirteen years old.
• You may no longer use the forum if we contact you directly to rescind our authorization to do so.
• You must use the forum in accordance with Acceptable Use and Content Standards as well as follow our forum rules.
Acceptable Use

• You may not break any laws or promote breaking the law in using our forum.
• You may not use or try to use the account of another member on this forum without their specific permission.
• You may not use or make public another member’s private messages; whole or in part, without their specific permission, including Admin Messages.
• You may not buy, sell, or otherwise trade in user names or other unique identifiers or content on this forum.
• You may not use this forum to gather personal data of our users for commercial mailing lists or databases.
• You may not falsely imply that you’re affiliated with or endorsed by Talk Baja without our permission to do so in writing.
• You may not attempt to disable, avoid or circumvent any security or access restrictions of this website / forum.
• You may not impersonate others through the forum.
• You may not encourage or help anyone in violation of these terms.

Content Standards

• You may not submit content to the forum that is illegal, offensive, or otherwise harmful to others. This includes content that is harassing, inappropriate, or abusive.
• You may not submit content to the forum that violates the law, infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights, violates anyone’s privacy, or breaches agreements you have with others.
• You may not submit content to the forum containing malicious computer code, such as computer viruses or spyware.
• You may not use the forum to disclose information that you don’t have the right to disclose, including others’ confidential or personal information.


Talk Baja reserves the right to investigate and prosecute violations of these terms to the fullest legal extent. We may notify and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting violations of the law and these terms. We reserve the right to change, redact and delete content on the forum for any reason. If you believe someone has submitted content to the forum in violation of these terms, contact us immediately.

Your Account

You must create and log into an account to use some features of the forum, including the ability to post and comment in our News Groups and Forums. To create an account, you must provide some information about yourself, including a valid e-mail address. We require our users to keep that email address updated. You may close your account at any time by e-mailing support@talkbaja.com.

We strongly suggest you select a secure password for your account and safeguard your login information as you agree to be responsible for all action taken on this website using your account – whether authorized by you or not – until you notify us that your account has been compromised.

Talk Baja may restrict, suspend, or close your account on this website according to its policy if we believe that you’ve broken any rule in these terms.

Your Content

You retain the ownership rights to any intellectual property that you share with the forum, such as your account information, posts, or other content you submit to the forum.

Between you and the company, you remain solely responsible for content you submit to the forum. You agree not to wrongly imply that content you submit to the forum is sponsored or approved by Talk Baja without our expressed permission.

Content you submit to this website belongs to you and in general terms, you control what permission to give others for it. But at a minimum, you license Talk Baja to share content that you submitted on this website with other websites controlled by Talk Baja in order to promote increased participation in the Talk Baja community. That special license allows Talk Baja to copy, publish and analyze content you submitted.

When content you submit is removed from the website, whether by you or by Talk Baja, this special license ends when the last copy disappears from the company’s backups, caches, and other systems. Other licenses you apply to content you submit, such as Creative Commons licenses, may continue on after your content is removed. Those licenses may give others including Talk Baja, the right to share your content through our community websites again.

We have no control over others who violate the terms on which you license your content here on Talk Baja and you agree that Talk Baja is not to be held liable to you for those violations or their consequences.

Your Responsibility

You agree to indemnify the company from legal claims by others related to your breach of these terms, or breach of these terms by others using your account here on this website. Both you and Talk Baja agree to notify the other side in a timely manner of any legal claims over any content of conduct on this website.


Talk Baja does not assume responsibility for content shared from others including our members and you accept all risk of using this website.

This website may include embedded content and links to third party website and services and we do not make any warranty about their website content or services. Use of services run by others may be governed by other terms between you and those third party websites and services.

Limits on Liability

Neither Talk Baja nor its hardware/software suppliers will be liable to you for breach-of-contract damages we could not have reasonably foreseen when you agreed to these terms.

As far as the law allows, the total liability to you for claims of any kind that are related to the forum or content on the forum will be limited to $50 USD.


Talk Baja welcomes your feedback and suggestions for the forum. See the Contact page as well as Forum Support sections for ways to get in touch with us and post your comments / suggestions.

You agree that Talk Baja will be free to act on feedback and suggestions you provide and will not be required to obtain your permission or compensate you if implement / incorporate any of your suggestions. You agree not to submit feedback or suggestions that you believe might be confidential or proprietary, to you or others.


Either you or Talk Baja may end the agreement written out in these terms at any time. When our agreement ends, your permission to use this website also terminates.

The following provisions survive the end of our agreement: Your Content, Feedback, Your Responsibility, Disclaimers, Limits on Liability, and General Terms.


This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of the State of Baja California, Mexico without regard to conflict of laws and all disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement shall be brought and resolved solely and exclusively in the State Court located in San Quintin, Baja California Mexico. Should any legal action be commenced in connection with this Agreement, the prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to recover, in addition to court costs, such amount as the court may adjudge as reasonable attorneys’ fees.

You may notify Talk Baja under these terms and submit questions via email to support@talkbaja.com.

Talk Baja may notify you under these terms using the updated e-mail address you provide for your account on this website. If we are unable to contact you by email we may post a message on the homepage of this website, your account page or other websites controlled by Talk Baja.


Talk Baja last updated these terms on March 16, 2022 and may update these terms again in the future. For updates that contain substantial changes, Talk Baja agrees to notify you via e-mail or via a public announcement on this website.

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