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Privacy Policy

Who we are

We share news and events for the Baja California Peninsula region of Mexico with travel information for tourists and extensive data for expat living and retirement here on the Baja Peninsula.

Our website address is: https://TalkBaja.com

Do we track any of your data?

As an overall general policy we do not collect, attempt to monetize or share any of your personal data on this website, including your facebook login credentials as listed below.

We do not store any data fetched by login plugins and the only data pertaining to you here on this website would be that which you grant us permission when logging in and any comments you share here on public posts on our website.

We do not make any attempt to monetize your data in any way, nor do we share any of your information with outside 3rd parties.

GDPR Privacy Policy

Facebook Login / Comments

We collect your public profile data only with your consent that you grant us before initiating Facebook Login here at our website. This data includes your name, link to your facebook profile, unique identifier and link to social profile avatar. This data is only used to create your user profile at our website.

We have no access to, nor do we store your password or any other personal data from your facebook profile.