New COVID Restrictions Coming to Baja California

COVID Baja California Mexico - new restrictions announced

The BC State Secretary of Health announced new restrictive measures are to be imposed in the state to prevent more infections

With the State of Baja California on maximum alert, the State Secretary of Health – Alonso Pérez Rico – announced today that new restrictive measures will be announced this week to be imposed across the state to help avoid more infections as 889 new cases of Covid-19 were detected in the state.

Pérez Rico explained that although the active cases of Covid-19 have been decreasing across the state, Tijuana continues to lead at the state level with 336 active cases, followed by Mexicali with 303; Ensenada with 146, Tecate with 33, San Quintin 31, Playas de Rosarito 26 and San Felipe 14.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Baja California has detected 34,011 positive cases of Covid 19, with Mexicali the highest at 14,075, including 27 more on Saturday. Tijuana follows with 11,456, adding 60 more infections from Saturday to Sunday; Ensenada with 4,955, adding 20 more.

San Quintin has registered 1,284 cases, 4 more than on Saturday; Tecate 1,140, ​​adding one more; Playas de Rosarito 674 with 7 more and San Felipe remains at 427.

As for deaths, the state has registered 5,543. That includes Tijuana with 2,402, Mexicali with 2,222, Ensenada with 692, Tecate with 139, San Quintín with 63, Rosarito Beach with 20 and San Felipe with 5.

No detected cases of new strain of Covid-19 in BC

After the first case in California of the new variant of Covid-19 from the United Kingdom was detected in San Diego, the health secretary, Alonso Pérez Rico, ruled out that it had been detected in Baja California.

The state official clarified that the Covid-19 virus is subject to mutations, the phenomenon that was generated in the United Kingdom being normal.

“All viral strains like influenza are modified and mutated. Covid is not exempt from it, “he commented.

Although he said that this strain is more contagious and can be more lethal, the way to prevent and treat it is the same, for which he called for reinforcing prevention measures, such as social distancing.

Live COVID statistics for the United States and Mexico

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