Coyote: New CBS Series Filmed in Baja California

A new CBS television series featuring Michael Chiklis as an ex-border agent forced to see things from the other side.

‘Coyote’ is a crime television series that premieres tomorrow – January 7th on CBS and dives into America’s political situation along the US southern border with Mexico. The story is told through the character of Ben Clemens (Michael Chiklis), who is assigned to the southern US-Mexican border for patrol duties.

The new television series stars Michael Chiklis as Ben Clemens, who makes his way to Mexico against sweeping clusters of foliage across a never-ending horizon. He is soon enveloped by danger as his job coaxes him into venturing further into alienating territories and desolate backdrops.

Completing 32 years of unwavering service guarding the immigration wall, Ben begins to realize that he hasn’t seen it all. On discovering a mysterious tunnel linked to an unauthorized transport of shipments from Mexico to the USA, he is called for assistance on the other side of the border.

Life gradually unfolds itself making Ben question his conviction and beliefs.

Coyote Filming Locations

‘Coyote’ is filmed in Baja California, Mexico. The locations swing back and forth across southern landscapes where the series is based on. Filming commenced in 2019, which tumbled into a momentary pause in March 2020 because of the pandemic. But it soon resumed course and was accordingly wrapped up in September 2020. 

Tijuana, Baja California

The filming locations diverge into a set of panoramic backdrops located in different parts of Baja California, Mexico. A significant portion of the series was captured in Tijuana, the largest city of Baja California, located just south of San Diego, California. Mexico’s border city is famous for the commotion of its primary street market, although the series also features its rocky shores and intimidating ridges.

There is a scene where El Catrin (Juan Pablo Raba) threatens Ben Clemens to work for him. The entire shot is staged in what resembles a stadium encircling a stretch of empty galleries.

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