COVID Vaccines to arrive in Baja California on January 12th

Vaccines coming to Baja California on January 12

With COVID infection rates skyrocketing in the state, COVID vaccines are expected to arrive next week with first dosis for healthcare workers

Next Tuesday, January 12th will be the day the first batch of nine thousand Pfizer vaccines against Covid-19 will arrive in Baja California, of the first order of 30 thousand dosis set aside to immunize the first line of healthcare workers in the public and private sectors .

While Baja California waits, the current numbers are causing alarm with a new wave of infections being detected after the Holidays where to date, the state has recorded 35,350 infections with 5,782 deaths.

Some believe the real numbers are actually under-reported but even these latest official statistics are troubling, reporting a mortality rate of 16.3 percent in the state, which is the worst recorded period of this pandemic for Baja California.

Live COVID statistics for the United States and Mexico

The situation is especially grim along the more populated border cities with Tijuana now reporting a mortality rate of just under 19 percent.

The state hospitals are reporting an occupancy rate of 81 percent, which only further complicates the care of all patients and especially trauma patients arriving at ER’s filled with those infected with COVID.

After healthcare workers are vaccinated, shipments of the vaccines that follow will be administered to the general population based on their age and related risk categories.

The severity of these latest statistics underscores the urgency for all to heed the calls to stay home and follow the recommended social distancing protocols.

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