Tuesday, August 3, 2021

BCS Governor warns of total COVID shutdown

With infections rates & hospitalizations rising along with a critical shortage of ventilators, a complete shutdown looms

With the detection of new COVID infections and related hospitalizations now rising in the state of Baja California Sur, new restrictions are announced for all 5 municipalities in the state.

La Paz, Comondú and Loreto have now been declared red alert status as their respective COVID warning level were increased from 4 to 5 on a scale where 6 is the maximum. Los Cabos and Mulege have been increased from a level 3 to 4 warning level and all of the municipalities will be experiencing increased restrictions such as occupancy densities and even some closures for at least the next week.

Governor Mendoza Davis warned this morning that if this trend continues, the next step will be a complete lockdown as the number of available respirators has dropped to critical levels in recent days, with less than 160 now available for all 5 municipalities.

Live COVID statistics for the United States and Mexico

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