Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

Discover the amazing wonders of this magical coastal destination. The bay at San Luis Gonzaga is an incredibly serene and beautiful place; a real Baja treasure.

San Luis Gonzaga is a must see for all Baja aficionados and definitely worth a visit if you like warm waters, near perfect beaches, a lack of crowds and the beauty of a desert landscape. Gonzaga Bay is now much easier to get to as the road from San Felipe is now paved all the way down to just outside of the bay.

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga has one hotel, two campgrounds, a couple of airstrips, a new Pemex station and three restaurants on what is really two separate bays that are separated by a sand spit at low tide and look to be attached at high tide.

A small community of Baja lovers have built vacation homes (there are a few permanent residents) or have trailers in three different locations on the bay. With the new paved road from San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay is now growing in popularity as a Baja destination.

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