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15 hours ago
Baja Weather Channel

Weather Summary for the Baja California Peninsula

Saturday 12 JUN 2021
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Weather Summary for the Baja California Peninsula

Saturday 12 JUN 2021

San Quintín Valley Weather Forecast
Saturday June 12, 2021

The early morning marine layer should burn off later this morning leaving us with mostly sunny skies with 76 degrees forecast as the high temperature this afternoon in the inland valley with upper 60’s to low 70’s along the bay and coastal areas.

Wind tapering off slightly; 12-24 mph from the northwest in the valley and 14-29 mph along the bay and coastal areas this afternoon.

The conditions are looking much better next week for fishing with less wind and warmer temperatures in the forecast. Wishing a very good morning to all our friends and visitors here in the Valley!

Sunrise: 5:41 AM
Sunset: 7:47 PM

Tide Table

Saturday 12
Low Tide : -0.3 ft @ 5:57 AM
High Tide : 3.3 ft @ 12:10 PM
Low Tide : 2.0 ft @ 4:28 PM
High Tide : 5.6 ft @ 10:48 PM

Sunday 13
Low Tide : -0.3 ft @ 6:31 AM
High Tide : 3.3 ft @ 12:51 PM
Low Tide : 2.3 ft @ 5:13 PM
High Tide : 5.2 ft @ 11:26 PM

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2 days ago

Que aseguranza de autos, recomiendan para venir a Baja California, (usa-mex)
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El Erik Johnson es el bueno con Ride Baja Mexican Insurance

Baja Bound

Absolutely Baja Bound!

Triple AAA

1 day ago

Prepare for a Heat Wave. The only mild areas will be the beaches next week on the Northern Border region.
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Prepare for a Heat Wave. The only mild areas will be the beaches next week on the Northern Border region.

San Quintin, Baja Mexico Travel Guide ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Have any Canadians recently driven across the MEX/USA border on their way back to Canada?

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Own their own car ?

We crossed at Tecate on May 15th. They gave us a quizzing and we explained our case - that we came to get our car which had been left there last year when the Canadian government said to come home. They made us sit and worry for a few minutes but came back and said we could go through. Phew!

We crossed at San Luis rio Colorado early May. All the agent asked is if we were going home. Then on our way. No delay or secondary.

Thursday June 10, 2021

The overnight winds helped keep the Pacific marine layer at bay leaving us with mostly sunny skies today. 75 degrees forecast as the high temperature this afternoon in the inland valley with upper 60’s to low 70’s along the bay and coastal areas.

More wind today; 17-23 mph from the northwest with gusts of up to 25 mph in the valley and 20-26 mph along the coastal areas with gusts of up to 30 mph possible out on the water.

Looks right now like you should keep your fishing poles in the garage until at least Sunday.

Wishing a very good morning to all our friends and visitors here in the Valley!

Sunrise: 5:41 AM
Sunset: 7:46 PM

Tide Table

Thursday 10
Low Tide : -0.7 ft @ 4:50 AM
High Tide : 3.3 ft @ 10:59 AM
Low Tide : 2.0 ft @ 3:19 PM
High Tide : 5.9 ft @ 9:39 PM

Friday 11
Low Tide : -0.7 ft @ 5:23 AM
High Tide : 3.3 ft @ 11:34 AM
Low Tide : 2.0 ft @ 3:52 PM
High Tide : 5.9 ft @ 10:12 PM

#SQWeather #SanQuintinWeather
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7 days ago

Hello all, this week I am heading from Las Vegas to Cabo, taking my time. I have the Moon guidebook as a resource and have been reading a lot here. I am a little confused about the border crossing into and out of Mexico. I have a 38' RV with up-to-date South Dakota plates, Mexican Insurance, and an FMM card. I also have a full vaccination card. My plan was to cross at Tijuana, get some dental work done there, and then head south hitting Ensenada, San Felipe, Bahia Gonzaga, Bahia de Los Angeles, Guerrero Negro, Bahia Concepcion, Loreto, La Paz, and ending in El Pescadero over about 10 days. A couple of questions:

1) Crossing at Tijuana - a) can I park a giant RV at the border in order to walk across and get my dental work done? (can't seem to find anywhere in Tijuana to park the RV) b) Do I just take highway 5 to the border and drive across? It says "no trucks" on my map - does the RV count as a truck?

2) I will be mostly boondocking - preferably at a beach - any hidden gems or favorite spots or "must stop" campgrounds along the way?

3) I am hoping to store the RV in a storage facility near the airport for future adventures. I *think* I have found one walking distance to the terminal - but if anyone has any advice I am all ears.
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Coming from Vegas, I would cross at Calexico/Mexicali, take Mex 5 South thru San Felipe and join Mex 1 at Chapala. Road is much better.

Yes Highway 5 is much easier and safer. Its a beautiful highway.

Mexicali...easy stop for your FMM, too.

I agree with the 5 route. There are lots of Dentists in Mexicali, never used one. Most towns have a few. Depends how much you need done. Just have Pesos south of San Felipe or Ensenada. The beaches south of Mulege are a nice break. Worth a look. There is a cheap train from San Diego to the border. You could camp in a SoCal spot before heading further south. A lot of the dentist's will pick you up and drop you off at the border. If you head down the Pacific side there are campgrounds in San Quintin near the Old Mill. Find the Eucalyptus restaurant behind the Old Mill. It is awesome Great Seafood. Between Ralph and Eddie's campground and the Old Mill.

Yeah, Mexicali/Hwy 5 is the way to go, but doesn't help you if you HAVE to go to Tijuana for your dental work. But there are lots of good dentists in Baja between the border and Cabo where it would be easier to deal with parking your RV, especially if it's for a one day appointment/procedure. Sorry, I don't have any advice dealing with Tijuana, but maybe somebody can address your actual question.

The reason I have to go through TJ is that I found a specialized dentist in Tijuana that can do a crown in one session because they have the porcelain milling machine in house. They can also do veneers in 1 or 2 days which I am considering. Trust Dental Care is their name for those interested. They'll do a same day crown for $475 - my last crown here in vegas was $1950 and took 2 weeks.

Check out Advanced Dental in San Jose Del Cabo. That's our dentist. He has an onsite lab and rught around what you are being quoted. You can get crowns made from xerconia vs porceline at the same pricing. My husband had crowns and a peg done by him. I go tomorrow to get fitted for my crowns. Come down 5 - better roads for your size rig. Remember, the roads here are VERY narrow with no shoulders. We drove our 35" Winnie bus towing a Jeep through Hwy 1 the first time. total white knuckle, HELL drive. 5 is so much better. Use gears not brakes. Don't drive at night. Gas up every time you find a station. Pick up a little rolled up Baja Map at Oxxo when you cross. Shows distances, services, camping, gas, etc. Well worth the few bucks. You need to know what vados and topes are. Go slow for both. Most gas stations take credit cards. Make sure you watch them set the pump to 00 and that what they charge you is what is on the pump. Get pesos not dollars. And whenever you use a CC, tell them to run it in Pesos - your bank will give you the best rate. If you are carrying gas cans, they have to be empty crossing the border. Anchor storage near SDJ airport is where we stored our RV. Decent prices and 24/7 security. Remember to bring some kind of a cover for your rig. The sun here wreaks hell on RVs - esp things like gaskets, anything latex/rubber. Have a friend go to your storage place and start it up and run everything about every 2-3 months. Don't forget the gas treatment. And make sure you don't have full water/waste tanks or LP tanks when you park it. Safe travels and have fun.

There are lots of good dentists in LaPaz.

Which airport are you referring to for the storage, TJ or SJD at the South end of Baja since you are headed for Pescadero?

Go to Algodones and get your dental work. You should be able to park your rv either at the Casino or the Casino parking lot at the border. Walk across and when done get back on the freeway and drive to the Mexicali crossing and go Mex Hwy 5 to Mex Hwy1. Algodones is an amazing dental town.

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5 days ago

So after much thought, I’ve decided to make day 1 my “long day” driving from Phoenix to Cabo. Driving to Yuma the night before and crossing at San Luis first thing in the morning. Is it worth it to suck it up and make it all the way to Loreto, or is it better to stop in Mulege? It looks like there’s a lot more hotel options in Loreto, but was just curious if Mulege has some options that I haven’t found. Day 2 is straight to Cabo, so I’m just curious. I was going to stay in Guerrero Negro, but I wanted to drive more than 8 hours day 1. Thanks for your help and advice!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ... See MoreSee Less

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Stop in Guerrero Negro. Only 9 hours to Cabo. Loreto is about 250 miles from Guerrero Negro and you do not want to be driving at night!

Drive 1 hour past Guerrero Negro and stay in San Ignacio. Beautiful lagoon, town square, and old church👌. Yurts on the water or RV on other side of road, on the water...

Don’t drive at night

I just did this last week. Got to Mexicali just as the sun was rising and drove down the 5 and stopped for the night in Loreto... it’s doable but not much time for anything but driving. Loreto has more hotels, Mulege has more charm. Would avoid driving at night at all costs. In hindsight it was a needlessly long day of driving... I was just too eager to get to Todos.

Algodones crossing is much faster

I have been going up and down for 35 years. I know all variations from 1 loooong day to 7 days. The most pleasant travels have been the ones where you play it by ear. Spend the night wherever you feel like it. Get lost at a beach for a day. Arrive whenever. Baja is more than a hot corridor for people who drive too fast between the US and Los Cabos. I have survived numerous times dozing off - and I have seen some who haven't

Tight travel plans in Baja, they make Chupacabra laugh. <;~l

Loreto is more than doable and it doesn’t even start getting dark in Loreto till after 8pm. Just play it by ear. San Ignacio is nice place to stop as well as Santa Rosalia but after Mulege your are committed to Loreto. Go till you don’t want o go any more! Lodging is easy to find in any one of those towns!

I always drive to mulege and am in San Jose Del Cabo in time for happy hour on day 2

While you will have plenty of daylight this time of year, the general road and driving conditions require a fair amount of concentration. The road is quite a bit narrower than you’re used to in the US, there can be lots of big trucks and local drivers in Baja have their own unique characteristics. For instance the car in front of you has his left turn signal on. This can mean one of two things; he‘s letting you know the road ahead is clear and it’s OK to pass him, OR he’s going to turn left. I’d recommend at least several days to get to Cabo. I‘ll echo the “don’t drive at night” sentiments, animal on the roads. You will have to have Mexican insurance to drive your car in Mexico. Get your FMM at the border. Be careful. Have fun.

Yep. That section from Gurerro Negro to Mulege his the highest concentration of animal sightings per mile. The pre sunset blur is something to consider. I’ve made it from Barstow Ca to Santa Rosalia before sunset. Not even trying it anymore. Not worth the push. Error on the side of caution and you won’t be sharing bad stories here later. Hope you have a great trip and report back.

We are over 14 hours of daylight right now....

We loved Hotel Las Casitas in Santa Rosalia!!! We crossed early morning in Mexicali New Year's eve!

Es Baja. Tome el camino lento, amigo.

Cuál es la prisa?

You can make Loreto but your eys will be buggin out ofyour head, not worth it. San Ignacio better. At least stop in Mulege.

San Ignacio is a good stop.

San Ignacio has a nice hotel and it just far enough to get there while it’s still light.

My $0.02 Loretto to Mulege is a very short trip and Mulage is very cool to see (in the town) and a great place to have dinner, if you keep your expectations "medium-low" you can find many safe hotels in that circle drive area of town. Try checking out San Ignacio on the way by as well (Good for a lunch break!) It's good to blow right through Loretto and just keep on jamming because that's really a decent haul from Loretto to La Paz or even on to Cabo. Crossing the peninsula and coming through El Constitution is pretty ho-hum. Just make sure you're prepared with spare tires, water, coolant etc because some of those open desert runs can be desolate and long in the hotter months of the year!

There are two rules that everyone should follow, 1, never drive at night (not even dusk). 2, See gas get gas. Your trip will be successful and pleasant. My last trip was cross at Mexicali, stay at Guererro Negro and Loreto then off to San Jose del Cabo.

Santa Rosalia has better hotel options .

Loreto is my favorite town in Baja.

We like Hotel Serenidad- just south of the main part of Mulege. Nice bar and restaurant on site and plenty of rooms. They have a nice pool also.

Jeff from this it looks like you plan on using Hwy 5 which is a good idea. From the border is about 6-6.5 hrs and 10-11 could get you to Loreto but that's it. Done it many times and I use the Santa Fe in Loreto. Close to Hwy 1 so not really any traffic issues. The risks you take far outweigh the issue driving at night. You come around a corner and see a set of cats eyes in the're too late and you will hit whatever it is, usually a rather big cow and you will lose the argument. They come out and lie down on the pavement to get the warmth up through their bellies late in the evening and during the night and is a real risk. Take 3 days or even 4, better to be safe than sorry.

Mexicali to Santa Rosalia day one hotel morro 8 hrs. Santa Rosalia to Cabo day two. leave @ 7am b there by 3 or 4 pm!

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