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1 day ago

I need some help. I am in Mexico with a US cell phone trying to call a Mex cell phone. I need to know how to dial. I have tried it all.
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Jorge ya no se utiliza el 011 ni el 1 despues del 52. Ahora es +52-665-6541040 (taxis amarillos)

+52 plus the 10 digit number

The first thing you probably should find out is if your provider allows you to make international calls, if so, you may have to do something in your settings. Have you powered down your cell phone and powered it back up since you’ve been in Mexico? That could be part of the issue as well. Depending on who your provider is in the US will typically dictate how you call a Mexican phone number from a US number while inside Mexico. You can try +52 plus the area code and number, or 011-52 then the area code and number or simply try area code and number.

You should be able to dial +52 624 xxx xxxx. The 624 is like an area code so it could be a different 3 digit set.

When I first tried calling a Mexico cell from a US cell it sounds like a busy tone instead of a ring. Threw me for a loop to start with. Just have to let it keep ringing.

You need Mexico cell service Plan 1st

You have to add the “+” sign in front of the 52

My US phone provider did not provide international coverage. I was unable to use my phone while in Mexico. It was Virgin Mobile.


Thank you all. Your help is Appreciated

We have Verizon. It has always been a trick to dial local numbers. But. Just lately... I dial without extra digits and it goes through. No 52. No 1. Just 612-xxx-1234 and there we go.

Try 011 + 52 + 1, then area code and phone number. Or if in country try dropping the international code 011.

Good question. I can never call anyone.

Direct area code and number Or add a +52 and area code and number or with out the +

I just dial +52 624 xxx xxxx

You need to día the simbol + and 52 that is te code for México, plus the city code plus the number that you want to call

Try with the app " TextNow" it is free !!¡

What’s App you can call free anywhere in the world

When I was in Mexico I couldn’t call with my AT&T. You need to switch off your phone and on again. If it doesn’t work, you need to speak to an operator that will reconnect your phone to a tower in Mexico. It’s what they told me.

Jorge, try dialing the area code (Los Cabos is 624) then the number. If you have a Mexico package that might work. Otherwise, dial Mexico country code 52 then the area code and number.


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7 hours ago

Highway 3 bypassing Ensenada to highway 3 is paved all the way and usable. Drove it yesterday. Free road. ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking forward to when it rejoins the 1 near Mandadero it's nearly 9 km inland through a lot of crappy roads to get back to the one where it joins the 3

Did you mean 3 to 5? Coming from San Diego, is that quicker than going thru Calexico to get to San Felipe?

Road 3 start in Tecate , Valle de Guadalupe ( winenery area ) , Ensenada San Felipe conecting to 5

Road 3 in decent conditions no Traffic no pot holes

2 days ago

Any recommendations of where to stay in San Quintin area (south of Vicente Guerrero)? I believe there’s another San Quintin, way down south close to La Paz. ... See MoreSee Less

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I prefer Jardines or 10 miles south at Hotel Mision Santa Maria. Santa Maria remembers people that stay there.

Mision Santa Maria, my favorite in all of Baja. Beach front, pet friendly.

Cueva del Pirata in Camalu or La Misión Santa Maria near Los Pinos Ranch.

In Colonia Vicente Guerrero, if you follow the boulevard of this little town, in the same hw1/Transpeninsular, you'll see right hand, a Gas Station and a Oxxo store. And just a few meters (about 50) south there's a nice hotel, new conditions and serve food at great prices. Sorry, I don't remember the name.

Jardines is a very nice little oasis of greenery and is quiet

Santa Maria by Los Pinos is the best, before you get there, stop at Old mill hotel and have a meal at the best restaurant in the area called Eucalypto.

Try mision santa maria, great parking and great private sandy beach

el Jardin. beautiful hotel and grounds with great restaurant right next door.

Hotel Jardines Baja 616-165-6060 Restaurant right next door. They are also pet friendly.

We've stayed at The Old Mill and El Jardin. Both good and very different. Both take pets, have food next door, ground level, affordable rates. Hope that helps.

Thanks everybody! Planning this trip for March and a bit nervous, but been meaning to do this for a long time now How’s the weather in Baja in March? 😬


The Mill

Don Eddies, on the bay front, $45

El Jardin, south end of town on the right. If you pass the sign on the pole you have gone past the turn, it is actually in front of the sign, not past it.

Hotel Mision Santa Maria. It's about 52 US$ a night. Right on the beach, great restaurant, rooms are facing the gardens. Modernish. Great beach to walk on and stretch your legs

Next to the Old Mill is the Eucalyptus. The Chef is Amazing!

El Jardine. Hands down. The most beautiful grounds and garden you will ever see. And the restaurant next door is great snd they take doggies at the hotel.

Hotel Jardines or The Old Mill Hotel. The Eucalipto restaurant is next door.

our website has a great list of places to stay too.

We’ve stayed at numerous places throughout the years and truly love Don Eddie’s. We can’t wait to go back for a quick weekend visit one of these days. Love this place! It’s not fancy. Rooms are basic but clean. Bar is great. Food is outstanding. View is outstanding. Location is great. People are The best.

Don Eddie’s or the place to his left. Both are great

Thank you so much ❤️

Any input on the Hotel La Villa de San Quintin and Hotel Celeste?

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7 hours ago

🚨🚔 #Mulegé | Reportan cierre temporal de carretera transpeninsular

Titular de la Subsecretaría de Protección Civil informó esta tarde sobre el cierre temporal del tramo carretero en Santa Rosalia.

El cierre es en ambos sentidos a la altura del kilómetro 192 en las inmediaciones de la cuesta de San Luciano.

Las causas del cierre es debido a las maniobras a realizar para retirar un trailer accidentado por lo que se espera que en menos de dos horas esté libre el camino.
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4 weeks ago

Hi, I'm newer to the group. It's our first time driving from San Diego to La Paz. We're driving in a Sprinter diesel RV. We've been told Highway 5 is now all paved but that there are sections from Guerrero Negro to La Paz that are very narrow and dangerous because of Semis? I've also read there's Ultra Low Sulfur diesel in Pemex stations throughout San Felipe- La Paz? Appreciate your input, thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Diesel fuel should be no problem anywhere in Baja but top off any chance you get, especially in El Rosario going south. Also top off and carry some extra DEF fluid. I've driven my Roadtrek CS-XL to Loreto and back without problems.

Just get your FMM at the border and bring plenty of masks. Entrance is the east Mexicali get it on the right. Officials will help you. Fill up in San Felipe and just go south.

its a lockdown and you should do it too

make sure the pump is zero before letting them fill your fuel tank!!!

We sold our 2013 sprinter after two trips to la paz. The diesel in la paz could be considered ultra low sulphur but our system got bogged down each time we gassed up there. It gives you like 16 starts until you get back to a Mercedes dealership. Luckily we burnt the diesel off and refilled back north and it all worked itself out. Im no diesel expert but just having the possibility of shutting down in the middle of nowhere made the decision for us to trade in.

Yes, many narrow winding roads beginning at BCS with semi-trucks hauling through there--it's ashipping route and you are traversing through mountainous regions. The maps don't show you the tight curves. I don't consider those factors so dangerous, but it does require paying close attention to the road. Watch carefully for wildlife and livestock on the sides of the road.

5 can get narrow but 1 can be a lot worse

There is usually less truck traffic on Sundays. When I see a semi or bus coming from either direction, I slow down and hug the shoulder until they pass. That's why I still drive a 2001 4Runner in Baja. It's narrow.

There are narrow spots by American standards but people drive giant RVs and semi trucks, busses every day. We are driving back from Lapaz now with a wide pickup and 25 foot trailer. This is our third trip down and back. Roads are in great condition. Not a mile wide in all places but you will be fine!

Watch for cows/ goats and horses you’ll be fine slow down my the semis we had no issues easy easy drive road is great

Keep our tank full. From Guerro Negro there's a 200+ section with no gas stations. I always fill up even if at half a just never know......

Thank you!! We appreciate your comments and guidance. We’re looking forward to seeing the Baja! 👍

If you pay for gas in cash, count the cash into attendant's hand. That way he can't put the cash into his pocket, then come back and one bill was a 50 not a 500. They still use that ruse,

I have been caught in this rouse once.

Antonio: Having driven the route often with wide class A motorhomes, let me say that your unit is perfect for the Baja because of it's narrow width.

I stick with Pemex stations only for diesel and never had an issue. Roads are narrow but totally doable, don't sweat it. Been down 1 & 5 and would definitely go on 5 if possible.

I drive a wide rig and manage just fine. One tip though, outside the town, left turn signal indicates to the driver behind you that it is safe to pass. If you are turning left off the highway, use your 4 way flashers.

Just wanted to check in. We arrived at La Paz last night. We took HWY 5 and then 1. Overall conditions are good. HWY 5 is excellent. HWY 1 from the HWY 5 to HWY 1 junction to Guerrero Negro is the worst in my opinion. Once we arrived at GN people said it was safe to drive at night. We drove at night throughout BCS with no problems -- just being cautions of cows near the road. My personal pet peeve are the speed bumps without warning. They're terrible for RVs. Diesel was not a problem. Military check points were not a problem at all. Overall it has been a great experience and the scenery is amazing. Thank you for your comments and input; they were very helpful and insightful.

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1 day ago

Driving back to US in 2 weeks, do we need a Covid test, or is that just air travel? ... See MoreSee Less

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Currently it is for air travel only. I say currently as things seem to change almost daily.

Just drove across last weekend. Nothing needed or requested.

You now have to self quarantine for 14 days on your return.

My friends cross the border every day and they say don’t need it only air from USA to Mexico 🇲🇽 and Mexico USA 🇺🇸

No you dont

I came back Saturday

Currently air travel starting 1/26 will require a test to board the plane. Nothing has been issues about driving a personal car across at this point. I addition it’s NOT required but recommended that travelers quarantine when they reach the final destination. See straight from the CDC today. Get Tested & Take Precautions After Your Flight Get tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home for 7 days after travel. Even if you test negative, stay home for the full 7 days. If you don’t get tested, it’s safest to stay home for 10 days. Always follow state and local recommendations or requirements related to travel.

After reading this link, I would anticipate that land and sea travel rules will be more restrictive by Feb 3.

The way the new executive order reads they will have a plan in the next 14 days. Stay tuned and stay safe.

As of January 26th you must have had a clear covid test within 3 days of coming back into the U.S. We just read the newest updates on it. We know that to acquire that in our little community of Los Barriles, the cost is $240 U.S.


Daily question....

Fact checked: A negative test within 3 days of air travel is not needed to board a plane from Mexico to the United States. Documentation of recovery from a previous positive test will also meet the requirement for air travel.

I didn't and I drove back last week Effective January 26, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will require all air passengers entering the United States (including U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents) to present a negative COVID-19 test, taken within three calendar days of departure​, or proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days. Airlines must confirm the negative test result or proof of recent recovery for all passengers prior to boarding. ​Airlines must deny boarding of passengers who do not provide documentation of a negative test or recovery.

We’ll be driving down in March but will have our vaccine card. I’m assuming that will be sufficient .

Have any of you read the most recent update by the WHO? These pcr tests are a joke. 🤦

It would be a good idea to keep up to date on the policies since they will be changing as the restrictions are implemented. I found myself in Australia with my government sending me emails to get home asap as entry rules were changing and being implemented. Best advise, stay tuned to government sites and regulations as they could change quickly and be prepared to adjust.

Air only.

Thank you everyone!!

My friends who drove thru needed a negative test 2 weeks ago.

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4 days ago

Just crossed at Calexico East. Easy, quick, about 10 minutes from arrival. Having the FMM completed, and paid in advance through Discover Baja really did speed up the whole process. Cabo here we come 🌄 ... See MoreSee Less

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Safe Travels! Enjoy!!!

Are they allowing anyone to cross back into USA

I hope you got your FFM stamped at the border??

Can one get the FFM online? Also, does anyone here know about rentals in Mexico? Is there an agency or is better to rent at TJ airport?

We were at east yeasterday with camper and small utility trailer. They searched every square foot for about 40 minutes. I think they are bored.

Special time for you, After rain.ENJOY

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2 days ago

San Diego to Bahía today - great trip👍. Otay-Hwy 2-Hwy 5-Chapala-Bahía.

*Total tolls for Hwy 2 - 323 pesos
*Storm issues to Hwy 5 - almost none
*San Felipe - Main Street torn up and sort of 2 way now
*Gonzaga Puesto Militar was crowded? And they searched me extensively southbound? Mild shakedown for toilet paper🤷‍♂️. Critical item😁
*Bahía road has more pot holes - take it slow and get ready to zig&zag.
*Road south of Bahía graded for at least the mile I drive👍
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San Diego to Bahía today - great trip👍.  Otay-Hwy 2-Hwy 5-Chapala-Bahía.

*Total tolls for Hwy 2 - 323 pesos
*Storm issues to Hwy 5 - almost none
*San Felipe - Main Street torn up and sort of 2 way now
*Gonzaga Puesto Militar was crowded? And they searched me extensively southbound? Mild shakedown for toilet paper🤷‍♂️. Critical item😁
*Bahía road has more pot holes - take it slow and get ready to zig&zag.
*Road south of Bahía graded for at least the mile I drive👍

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What do you mean by Bahia? The road from Hwy 1 to BoLA?

They aren't getting TP?

Great report! Be back down in a month.

Great info thanks!

WHICH "bajia?"

Bahia de los angeles

Ok - Bahía De Los Ángeles for those who are inquiring🤪

Awesome report Mike

We are booked to fly down to Loreto next month but it isn’t looking good based on changing rules/restriction daily. ☹️

Did you find gas south of San Felipe?

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1 day ago

Hi asking for a friend, with a green card once crossing back to the us from the Mexico border do you have to show your original green card to enter back, ( can it be a copy)? ... See MoreSee Less

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Has to be original, with a copy they'll send you back to MX


original or you're going to need a coyote to cross you hahhaa

Original! Once he is back in the USA 🇺🇸 , has to be on his person always.

Section 264(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.) requires all lawful permanent residents (LPRs) to have “at all times” official evidence of LPR status. There really isn't any reason why they shouldn't have their original card with them "at all times", but most definitely when leaving the country and hoping to get back in.

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