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14 hours ago

Is tecate crossing hours still 8am to 4pm
Sat and sun?
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My wife and I just went through Tecate a couple weeks ago and it was 2:00 PM... we made it through at 1:52!

They extended to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday now.

Go to their website. The hours are now a bit longer on weekends.

Yes. Got stuck there last Saturday from 7:20 till they opened at 8.

8am-4pm sat and sun since 28 March and still 6am -2pm weekdays.on the 28th the southbound gate didn’t open until 8 am. Don’t know about weekends since that day.

Thanks everyone. We’re camping on US side and cross in am

Google info Tecate Boarder Info.

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1 day ago

Thank you soooooooo much to everyone here who helped us make the 3300 mile trip from Charleston South Carolina to La Paz. Thankfully you didn't tell us how terrifying it would be from Mexicali to La Paz in a 40' rv towing a 20' trailer! And thankfully you advised us to use route 5 to route 1. Can't imagine doing route 1 all the way!

We are pinching ourselves as to how happy we are here and that we survived the journey:-)
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Man I’ve driven 5 and 1 . I’m still picturing your white knuckles after driving with that set up. Your a brave man, cerveza time! 🍺

Something to think about. Going down you were mostly on the inside. Going North you will be on the outside edge.


Congrats. Good for you.

That's a great ride...enjoy

Post some tips for others who might drive down with a similar many days did you take to drive the Baja. If camping, where did you stay, etc.

We did Hwy 1 in 2012 40' pusher towing Jeep Commander. Terrifying. We thought all of Mexico would be that way. Thank goodness it is not. Congrats on your new life!!

Lol god bless you 4 years ago we drove our 45 ft towing 30 foot stacker only to Mulegé!! Thank God we bought in Mulegé and no more driving the motorhome lol. Glad to hear journey good pray good going home as well!

Baja ain't for sissies. I done Rt 1 many times pulling a 5th wheel and travel trailer

Highway 1 is much better now than in our 9 winter trips south starting in 1985 when the paved center line to the edge of the highway was only 7 feet and many sections were washed out. We sat one day waiting for a fuel truck to deliver to the Pemex and detours around failed bridges was not uncommon. 35 to 40 mph was about the max rv speed in our truck and camper. The good news was we could camp for free on beach front in Cabo as it was just a little dusty town with no paved roads, only cobblestone streets. Los Cerritos was a great surf beach and campsite with no development. I still love Baja but liked it better then despite the challenges encountered.


The excitement of Baja is all the things that haven’t happened yet. It’s the unknown that makes it special. You guys are troopers👌👏👏👏

I felt the same way! (38ft RV with 12 ft trailer)

Amazing that “nobody told you,” but glad you made it! We just made our second trip to down the entire length of Baja in a small Nissan pickup and nearly had the life sucked out of us a couple times by big trucks coming well over the center line as they rounded blind curves. I can’t imagine doing it it something as long as your rig and towing something behind me. What an adventure!

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5 days ago

Been a while since I have driven thru Baja. How is the fuel quality? Do you ever need to pre filter? How is the octane? Use to be pretty low. What grade of octane do you see? Thanks gor the info. ... See MoreSee Less

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Pretty much imported from US in Baja. BCS fuel is shipped over, and premium has better octane than CA (92). My car loves it! I have an older (2012) Acura MDX and have never had problems.

Been living near Ensenada for almost 9 yrs now; the fuel down to Ensenada used to come a lot from the states - below that varies. I have a Honda Accord and Jeep Cherokee (both older)..I run regular down here all the time; don't even gas up in the states anymore. Never any problems with either vehicle.

I've driven the length of the Baja peninsula 6 times and have had zero issues with the quality or octane of the fuel. At fuel stations you'll have the choice of regular or premium. Magna (regular) works perfectly in my car.

We agree with David. We've driven the entire length nine of the past ten years and never an issue with quality. We only drive our Ford SUV which uses magna.

thanks for the info everyone

No real problems with the gas stations now--but if given several choices in a town, choose the one with the most "locals" in line). Been driving the Baja for 20 years - only problems were back in the "old days" when supply was less-reliable. Around Xmas time, the caravans of RVs heading south would suck it all up and it was common to pass the fewer PEMEX stations with their hoses wrapped around their pumps (a sign that they were out). We would routinely bring along bottles of octane-booster, an extra fuel filter, and a few silk stockings (filters) in case we needed to get gas out of the many roadside vendors with their metal barrels (like Catavina). Happily those days are behind us now.

Gas is fine use cash if not watch your cards turn on notifications from said cards best of luck be safe have a great time.

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1 day ago

Trying to find out what lane I am supposed to be in when I cross from Mexicali into the U.S. at the end of April. I am driving a Pickup truck and will be towing my VW beetle. Is there a specific lane for vehicles with trailers or just regular lane? ... See MoreSee Less

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Go to your regular lane which border are you leaving from they got 3 now

When I tow my trailer I use the far right lane. May have changed since I last used it.

If you have a Ready Lane or Sentri card you can also use the ready lane. Towing a VW you can take any border and any regular or ready lane.

I don't have Ready Lane. I am driving a pickup and flat towing the VW bug behind. It's not on a trailer. Sounds like any lane will work, except Ready or Sentri lanes. Thanks

Thank you everyone!!!

No ready lane is ok

No ready lane or sentri is NOT ok. Anyone towing has to use East Port of entry on the General traffic lanes on the far right. Be advised that East Port of entry closes at 2 pm every day.

Sounds right except that "anyone towing " is not accurate for everyone:-))) We crossed this week with a 40' rv towing a 20' trailer and thank goodness we were in the far left lane:-))))

And yes, somehow we survived all the way to La Paz! Yikes!! The Donner family would have given up by noon on day one!

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4 days ago

Any recommendations for or against a Mexican auto insurance company? I’m currently comparing 3... GNP Seguros, ABA Auto Seguro, El Aguila Great American.

We’re doing full coverage for a year (for several short trips), truck, 5th wheel, 2 plated enduro bikes.
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I use Baja bound very good

Ride Baja insurance has been the best for me!

Talk to Erik Johnson at RIDE BAJA they got insurance for all of my vehicles. I am here full time.

Baja Bound

Praise God, I have never had to file a claim with one so I cannot say!

Vagabundos out of San Diego. We have used them for almost 20 years. Offer more than just insurance. Caravan trips for people with flexible departure times. English speaking lawyer in the event of "issues."

I just joined Discover Baja. They have insurance at a lower rate. - I would NEVER risk going with anyone else...

Jill Ha - The problem with deciding which insurance to buy based on price is that if you have to actually file a claim down here, you will discover what a nightmare experience it can be. We have done several auto insurance surveys in the past (except 2020 due to pandemic) and Baja Bound has always come out on top, based on the experience of our group members. You can see the results for yourself here...

I miss the Baja I camped there on the beaches for a few years


Thanks everyone! We ended up going bajabound full coverage for truck, trailer and enduros. Rates were great s as no o have peace of mind 🤗 l Leaving LA in a couple hours, soooo excited!!

1st timer & went w Insurance is about the claims process when something happens & Baja Bound has many testimonials on this group

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7 days ago

Planning our drive from Las Vegas to San Jose del Cabo for later this week. A couple questions that I can’t find CURRENT answers to on any FaceBook groups…
1. Are we required to wear a mask while driving – two people in the car and we have both been vaccinated… (Some older responses say YES, some say NO).
2. Is it necessary to make hotel reservations for stops along the way or will there be vacancies at most hotels…??
3. We are planning on a four-day drive. First nigh in Calexico, crossing at Mexicali West the next morning. Second night in Guerrero Negro. Third night in Loreto and arrive in San Jose on day four.
Any recommendations on hotels for this itinerary or suggestions on different stops…?? Last time we drove this was through Tijuana, six years ago… Thanks for any help.
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We put on our masks for the military check points but don’t wear them in between.

I hope you report back as I want to drive from Nor cal to Cabo from Jan-March. I did the trip twice, a woman and a child, 12 and 15 years ago. Bahia Concepcion is other worldly beautiful. I’m certain you don’t need masks while driving, but maybe at check points and public spaces.

Larry, in G.N. I use the Halfway Inn at the entrance into town on the army base. Loreto is the Santa Fe and I don't book ahead for either, just do it on line while driving. Santa Fe is usually about $60-65.00. Hope that helps.

Do not need to wear a mask while driving. Especially since you both have been vaccinated. Good for you! Recommendation to wear mask at border and check points and public spaces. You don't know what the vaccination status of the people are. Until we reach closer to herd immunity mask are still the #1 best thing anyone can do in public areas and in communities where immunization status is still low or not known.

I agree with the masking as you approach the military checkpoints (for your protection as well as theirs). If you have specific lodging preferences, it doesn't hurt to call ahead and secure a room (it's what I do). Be aware that January has always traditionally been a heavy travel time for "snowbirds" as many wait until after all the family obligations around Xmas to head south. I also suspect that especially next year if things were to "lighten up" regarding COVID restrictions, there may be a lot more eager "escapees" - and lodgings can and do fill up quickly around dusk or shortly after. For what it's worth, regarding the facemask wearing in the car. I wouldn't worry about travel along the way, but there have been some attempts to enforce it around the larger cities. Not sure about the actual law, but any time there is speculation, I err on the "legal" side so as to minimize any opportunities to pull me over. Around Los Cabos all of the larger stores and most restaurants (large and small) still require you to mask upon entering, walk across a mat of some sort, and at least make the attempt to look like they're taking your temperature. Costco here still requires you to enter one-at-a-time and not with your family group (tricky if you only have one card). Good luck - have fun!

We didn't wear masks in our vehicle, even at checkpoints, and all was ok. Most stores ask that you wear a mask and wash your hands before entering. We did not wear masks at gas stations.

No, maybe, doable. Stop at Mexican Immigration for your FMM.

The president of Mexico compared our COVID policies to that of a dictatorship. You don't need to drive with a mask, wear one at gas stations if you'd like, vaccination status is irrelevant.

For your own safety wear a facemask even if you got you vaccine, you still can get coby, have a safety trip.

I also am planning on driving leaving from Orage County to Cabo! Need to be there quickest way possibly other then by air. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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3 days ago

Headed south from Las Vegas on Saturday. Planned on spending the night in Calexico, then crossing the border on Sunday morning. Looking for CURRENT info on driving SOUTHBOUND. Which is the better crossing… Mexicali East or Mexicali West… TIA for any recent updates. ... See MoreSee Less

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My time of choice going south is early as posible on Sundays, agents want drink their coffee before it gets cold. Make good distance that early.

Southbound I would take Calexico west exit. Don’t speed or drive reckless until you’re past main Mexicali area.

Mexicali west as Mexicali east is closed on Sundays

all crossing are good, road south are almost perfect

Mexicali east

We just came across west and followed the only 2 signs that read San Felipe. Ended in residential dead end. Should have followed cell phone map. Never again. Go to East if possible!


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2 months ago

Is driving to Los Algadonas and skipping Calexico and Mexicali worth it? The last 2 times Mexicali has been awful . The 5 btw ... See MoreSee Less

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I’m in SD I’m going thru TJ to Ensenada

What direction, and what time of day are you crossing?

I crossed south at Algodones last month. It was so easy. One car in front of us. Tues afternoon around 1:00.

Easy drive border closes early at 2pm. A long drive from San Diego. Have you tried Tecate? Mexicali is usually better in the early morning.

Never had a problem. Always take the Five 🤔

Which Mexicali entrance was awful? West or East?

Helps to know where you are heading from...and direction.


Algodones to past LORETTO you are never “in town “.

I use San Luis Rio Colorado going north. The crossing at Algodones is slow, so they seem to keep busy searching more cars.

Will need 20 pesos or so for the toll road.

Coming from Tucson I always use San Luis Rio Colorado now. Fast crossing and one block from toll road or many times I take the back roads (40 to 4)

Crossed this morning in Mexicali. No wait either way at 6:30am

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6 days ago

Can someone tell me what’s going on at the Tijuana border? ... See MoreSee Less

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What do you mean? Is something happening??

Easter weekenders going home?

status quo.......

Applied for visa and they said We can only cross at tecate no crossing at Tijuana? Just curious

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