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    March 5, 2022 at 11:26 am

    Geezo…thanks for your comments! Yeah, I was much more comfortable too in jeans and a tee. And the fact that Marco, the sommelier, is a good friend of mine and Olga’s, made that segment even more comfortable.

    I promise…Olga WILL hit the streets soon! We’ve talked about a couple of ideas already. Which may, or may not, include us racing each other in ATVs on the beach 😉

    RON, never visited Tacos Ermitas, but I did have Salceados on my very first TJ taco crawl back in 2013 (when my love affair for the stuff began). We had cubed ribeye and grilled shrimp quesotacos, where griddled cheese rounds were use in place of the typical tortilla. Would love to go back with an appetite and cameras. Are they still open?

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