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  • BajaGringo

    March 4, 2022 at 3:37 pm

    I loved the new episode @agringoinmexico – you looked more more relaxed today and you guys seem to be getting more comfortable in the role on set and your taco tour segment made me want to be there with you guys trying all those tacos. My historic taco stand favorite was a place called Tacos Ermitas on Calle Ermita Sur.

    It started out as a sidewalk taco stand run by Javier in front of his house there on Calle Ermita and when I discovered the place back in 2002, it was a taco stand built around a tree on the sidewalk.

    He would make all of his own sauces fresh each day and had some amazing fusion taco recipes of his own that made it become very popular. It got to the point that he would have a line of people going down the block each day when he opened at 6:00PM.

    Eventually he would convert the front of his house into a restaurant space and sold the business back in 2010 I believe. Today it’s called Tacos Salceados.

    They are still good but cannot match the quality of the tacos that Javier made – each plate was a work of art and people would drool at the taocs coming off his grill while they waited for their turn.

    My personal favorite was his New York y Cameron taco – never had anything so delicious in my life.

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