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    February 26, 2022 at 12:47 pm

    My wife and I both watched it and liked the show overall along with its general format but I do have one question and a couple of comments/suggestions, if anybody is listening out there at Window to the South.

    First off, congratulations for pulling off a project of this level which has to represent a lot of planning and hard work. I agree with Ron, for being a very first episode, it looked quite professional.

    My question is, where did you guys film this – in California or Baja? If you announced that I missed it but I do think it would be an important detail to announce at the start of each episode. I would hope that you are filming this in Tijuana to keep some connection to the original show (and maybe help keep costs down too).

    The other thought I had was that you both looked slightly overdressed for the show. This isn’t New York and my initial impression was that you both looked like you were going on the 5 o’clock news on a major network and not a travel show about Baja, Mexico.

    Thinking it might just be the gringo in me, I asked my wife who was born in Mexico and she agreed that this show is about Baja and nobody travels to Baja packing a suit or expensive dress shoes. She thought Scott would look great in blue jeans, a nice casual shirt and comfy loafers – maybe add on a sports coat for TV if he wanted and Olga (who would look great in anything) would fit right in with something my wife calls “casual-very nice”.

    We both thought Scott looked and performed great on his street interviews. Overall, I think you guys did great on this premiere and we look forward to seeing future episodes.

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