Nuclear Power Plant Coming to Baja?

Nuclear Power Plant Coming to Baja?

The Energy Secretary for Mexico is promoting the idea to build a new electrical power production plant for CFE, powered by an atomic reactor

CFE looks to build 4 new reactors with 1 in Baja

Norma Rocio Nahle Garcia – Energy Secretary for Mexico – revealed yesterday that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is considering building a small nuclear power plant in Baja California.

During her appearance in the Senate of the Republic, Nahle García explained that CFE is carrying out feasibility studies and consultations within the state of Baja California

“Do we want more nuclear energy?”

“Yes, I am convinced. CFE is doing an analysis for a micro-plant ”, confirmed the head of Mexico’s energy policy.

Nahle García explained that Mexico would rely on the help and advice from countries such as France for the installation of a new atomic power plant as well training for its operation.

As regards to why this technology is being considered, the federal official pointed out that it is the cleanest and most continuous energy in the world and would help Mexico achieve its long term low emission goals.

“The United States has often claimed to be a nuclear leader and yes, it currently has 40 nuclear power plants in operation. It is continuous, safe, and effective. And it’s time for Mexico to talk about nuclear energy ”, she emphasized.

The Energy Secretary indicated that CFE is now undertaking steps in the process to be able to formally begin the project; one that would increase the distribution capacity of the electrical power grid in the northwestern border state.

It is important to note that supplying energy to the Baja California peninsula region is currently complicated at times and in a region experiencing significant growth, a nuclear power plant could be a very efficient way to meet that growing demand.

In December 2019, CFE announced it was looking into building four new nuclear reactors in Mexico; two along the Pacífic coast and 2 more to be built at Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station in Veracruz, home to Mexico’s only currently operating nuclear power generation facility.

According to official estimates, the cost of a reactor with an installed capacity of 1,400 MegaWatts (MW) would be 7 billion dollars; which would have a useful life of approximately 60 years.

Source: Energy & Commerce
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