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Reply To: Favorite "secret" spot you're willing to share?

  • BajaBundo

    January 11, 2023 at 2:19 pm

    @DuckDive – Over the Christmas Holiday we made a trip down and spent a few days in Bahia de Los Angeles but decided to take off a day early when the wind got to be too much. That gave me some extra time to explore on the Pacific side that was less windy and so I set your coordinates into my GPS and without too much difficulty (only a couple of turnarounds) we found it.

    There was nobody there, a fair break and just a few clicks east on the road we found a fish camp / coop (29.699467, -115.601512) where for 20 bucks and along with leaving them our remaining beer and smokes they prepared for us some grilled lobster with rice and beans.

    The chef kept marinating the tails with a lemon-garlic butter sauce and we ate until we couldn’t anymore – the four of us probably consumed at last 15 lobsters.

    The only downer is that none of us thought to take a picture of the feast – we were simply too busy eating!

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