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  • boe4fun

    December 28, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    Our Baja rescue kitty was named Pacifico because when Shari Bondy brought him to our 5th wheel trailer about 12 years ago at Campo Sirena she included a Pacifico cardboard box filled with beach sand, and Shelley happened to be drinking a Pacifico at the time. The poor cat was covered with fleas and ear mites, but we had pet shampoo for Sasha (previously mentioned). Anyway, we had him for about 11 years before he passed, and Sasha had been gone for a few years. So on our way home from Baja 3 years ago we picked up our new addition, Coronita (Corrie), an 8 pound party poodle. She was able to spend quite a while with Pacifico and they became fast friends. I’ll try to post a video of them playing.

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