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Reply To: Favorite "secret" spot you're willing to share?

  • LowCal

    October 31, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    Isla Natividad – It’s really no secret yet most of the tourists prefer the bigger Cedros Island as the 4 or 500 people living out on the island tell me they don’t see a whole lot of tourism. To access you will need to either charter a flight in from Guerrero Negro or simply drive out to Punta Eugenia where you can hire a boat to take you on the 45 min to an hour ride out to the island, trip duration based mostly on how much wind their is.

    It’s an interesting little fishing community that mainly works at their coop and are very friendly.

    There is a nice surf break and some great snorkeling around the south and southeast sides of the island as well as pretty good fishing.

    You can camp or even rent a room via airbnb. It’s really only made for 2 people but it’s very clean and with a private bath.


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