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Reply To: Hotels in San Quintin off the highway?

  • BajaGringo

    October 3, 2022 at 6:51 pm

    A couple of observations…

    Jardines Baja is where I usually send all my family and friends to stay because I know the hotel owners personally and I know that they will get a clean room, beds and towels with good hot water pressure every time they go.

    I know the owners of Mision Santa Maria too and they are good people who run a very nice hotel. If it wasn’t so far from us here at La Chorera I would send family and friends there more often.

    Another option off the highway is La Cueva del Pirata in Camalu:

    The problem there is there aren’t a lot of rooms so they fill up quickly and it also is a long drive from our place here at La Chorera.

    Finally, the OP mentioned his number one choice used to be Don Eddie’s Landing.

    I had heard many of the same stories that some of you have probably heard or even personally experienced at the place since Don Eddie died. It was abundantly clear that his son Carlos – who took over – was simply unable to keep the place up. His family, career and life is in Tijuana – not San Quintin – and he would eventually begin to look for a buyer.

    What many of you probably don’t know is that he finally did sell the place earlier this year.

    Don Eddie’s Landing has new owners and management who took over the reins and moved onsite full time. The new owner is a general contractor who is in the process of investing some serious money into the compound by bringing in some top notch subs who are going over the place from top to bottom.

    He’s even putting some of his own personal elbow grease into the place and I am having lunch with him tomorrow. I’ll be given a full tour to see everything that is going on over there, so get ready for a full report when I get back.

    I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised as I hear he’s making some very welcome changes and we just might see Don Eddies become a favorite stop for travelers and fishermen again here in San Quintin, very soon.

    Stay tuned…

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