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  • boe4fun

    January 28, 2023 at 10:21 am

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    La Paz in March

    Planning on taking a group of volunteers down to our clinic in La Paz, leaving on March 4th from San Diego airport.

    March 4th Hotel Cueva del Pirata at Camalu or La Misión Santa Maria near Los Pinos Ranch.

    March 5th Guerrero Negro

    March 6th Whale watch with Shari’s Whale Magic Tours. That afternoon on to Bahía Asunción.

    March 7th to La Bocana (buy oysters and maybe lobsters/clams at the local co-op), Punta Abreojos, San Ignacio, Santa Rosalia, leave for Loreto after visiting sites in Santa Rosalia, Mulegé, and beaches along Bahía Concepción.

    March 8th leave for La Paz with side trip up to San Javier.

    March 9th Clinic starts in La Paz.

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