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Baja by Sea

  • Blitzer

    August 3, 2022 at 6:04 am

    While visiting Gonzaga Bay a few years back we met a couple there on the beach that had come ashore on a small dinghy from what I would guess was probably a 35 foot boat anchored offshore. He was a retired cop from Oregon who had been living on his boat for something like 12 years, worked his way down the coastline all the way to Chile He spent time in areas all along the way and met his wife/gf in Zihuatanejo and she had accompanied him for most of the journey. He stopped to work at times for fishing coops repairing their outboards and engines. On his trip down he had skipped the gulf and so on his way back he decided to explore it before his last leg back home. They took us out to see his boat and while the outside didn’t look so hot, inside it was actually very nice, clean and organized. He told us that he had really enjoyed the experience but the last year or so he began having some health issues (he had been a heavy smoker when he was a cop) and he wanted to get back to spend some time on dry land. Pretty cool guy and he had a lot of really interesting stories from his experiences.

  • CaboDream

    August 3, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    My wife was in Cabo 20 years ago for a bachelorette party where they met
    a guy living on his sailboat at the marina. He gave them a tour of his
    boat and told them he was preparing to sail for Tahiti. They all thought
    the guy looked familiar and later realized he was one of the actors on
    Hogan’s Heroes.