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1. No SPAM / advertising / self-promotion by site members in the general forums outside of our Classified Ads and Real Estate Group, excluding website staff, sponsors and invited contributors. We define spam as unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites. This is a discussion forum and if you wish to participate – welcome! However, if your goal is to solely promote your website, blog, youtube channel, instagram page, product or business / service, then don’t bother. This includes spamming via private messages to members of this forum. Reports of such behaviour will get you immediately banned. Reviews of restaurants, hotels and other similar attractions in Baja are welcome ( if posted in the correct forums) but should always be legitimate, customer reviews from our members and not self-promotion or paid placement ads.

2. No posting of obscene and/or offensive content, links or images/video including pornography as well as scenes of blood and gore.

3. No vulgarity. Understand the difference between casual cursing and offensive, vulgar language. Occasional, casual cursing may be overlooked but when it crosses the line, it will be edited out.

4. Exercise common decency. Posting content which could be considered defamation, discrimination, harassment or abusive is strictly prohibited. This includes user profile/cover images and profile bios.

5. Stay ON TOPIC and choose the CORRECT FORUM for your new topic post. Let’s keep this forum focused on Baja, Mexico and by simply perusing through the Groups List and their respective sub-forums, you’re sure to to find the best forum in which to post.

6. NO U.S. POLITICS! The quickest way to create the online equivalent of a bar brawl is via interjecting topics and comments based on U.S. politics into any forum discussion. We really don’t care to hear your opinions concerning COVID conspiracies, Ukraine, Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Violating this rule is one of the quickest ways to be banned from Talk Baja.

7. Remain respectful of other members at all times. We are all adults here and all posts should be professional and courteous. You have every right to disagree with a fellow member here and explain your perspective. You DO NOT have the right to degrade, harass, attack, belittle, insult or express any form of verbal abuse against another forum member.

8. No public posts attacking forum moderation. If you have a problem with the manner in which this forum is operated or an issue with an action taken by a forum moderator in their handling of a particular post or comment, send a PM to the forum moderator or a Site Admin. Don’t create a new post to publicly debate the moderator’s action – it’s a thankless job being a forum moderator yet their work is critical to ensure the forum is kept running in a civil manner, on topic and organized. Send your questions or comments to a Site Admin or via email

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