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Reply To: Difference between the Talk Baja forum and Facebook group?

  • BajaGringo

    October 10, 2022 at 12:18 am

    I knew it was a risk when I started splitting off the other groups but it seemed the only way I could provide a way for our members to focus on a specific sub-topic such as road conditions, weather, border traffic, caravans, classified ads, etc.

    Facebook offers groups no way to effectively manage sub-topics other than hashtags which IMHO does not work as multiple hashtags could apply to the same topic and it does little to help filter the group’s feed.

    And when members get frustrated at seeing the same posts repeatedly (that don’t interest them), often rude comments follow which escalate and fighting soon follows, causing the group to break down.

    Facebook could easily solve this by simply providing group admins with a tool to create something like tabs or a submenu system to manage sub-topics where members could choose which tabs / sub-topics they wish to follow.

    In absence of that, the only solution I saw viable was to create a number of connected groups covering the most popular sub-topics. Those posts can be shared back and forth with the main group, based on urgency and interest and serve to keep all the groups connected together in the larger community we have built.

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