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Reply To: Difference between the Talk Baja forum and Facebook group?

  • blitzer

    October 9, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    Yes, Nomad was once a great resource but it degraded down into where it is mostly David Kier’s personal sandbox to push far right politics in a majority of the threads today. They may not start that way but they end there if the thread stays active long enough. Nomad stopped being a useful tool when the Forum owner let that happen.

    Another one was fulano’s forum. It started out pretty good when he just focused on posting translated news stories. But over time he allowed his sarcasm and personal views to seep into his news posts which became red meat for a few dozen trolls that joined and he encouraged. Some alleged that a lot of the trolls were fulano himself posting behind aliases / alter egos. Who knows and who cares. Over time the fulano forum went from being a good news source to just a webpage to bash anything Baja related where he would air his personal grievances with people. He was always trying to humiliate and dox anybody who disagreed with him and it really made him look narcissistic and childish.

    He lost me and most of his followers when he turned that corner and his forum didn’t last much longer. I heard his Facebook group followed a similar pattern and is gone too. Today it’s really easy to get the news from Mexico translated automatically, so he really lost his gimmick I think. It’s too bad because he started off initially with something that worked.

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