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Reply To: Difference between the Talk Baja forum and Facebook group?

  • BajaBundo

    October 7, 2022 at 7:16 am

    The biggest difference to me I suppose is that I compare it to being north and south of the border. Facebook reflects life in America today, it’s fast paced, high energy and full of people with short fuses where you have to think twice before saying anything in groups because someone is always ready to pounce.

    This forum reminds me of why I go to Baja to get away from all that. Just like life south of the border, it’s a bit slower paced so you can come back later in the day and not have to spend 20 minutes trying to find a topic that interested you in the morning. People here aren’t so quick to judge or jump on you for something you say and although I know there are different opinions here, we can actually have a civil conversation on topics, even when we disagree.

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