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Reply To: OC Public Defender death in Rosarito – homicide or accident?

  • Volcan

    February 2, 2023 at 6:07 pm

    You may very well be right @RogerW but the problem is that family immediately started calling this a homicide with nothing to backup their claim.

    I agree with you there are some questions about aspects of this case and the family has every right and should follow through to get answers to those questions. But to just start claiming he was murdered when the wife nor any witnesses in the nearby rooms or hotel staff reported hearing or seeing anything out of the ordinary makes no sense.

    No gunshots reported, no yelling or sounds of fighting / scuffle reported and the unaccounted for wound to his head could have come from hitting his head after a slip or stumble near the edge of the balcony which could have caused him to fall. Maybe he was startled by pigeons up there as some reports allege?

    It really makes zero sense for him to be outside of his room at that hour and yet the wife reports that she never heard him leave the room and there were no signs of forced entry. The bottom line is there is an awful lot we DON’T know in this case and the wife is offering zero evidence or testimony to support her claims of homicide.

    This is Mexico and the police investigations are often sloppy and filled with mistakes. It happens in 3rd world countries but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s a homicide coverup.

    I’ll wait to hear the results of the toxicology report and compare the 2 coroners reports.

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