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    March 10, 2023 at 2:57 pm

    Index to Articles Relating to Baja California In Rock Art Papers

    Published by the San Diego Museum of Man

    Volume 8, 1991 Page #

    A Summit Path Geoglyph from El Marmol, Northern Baja.

    Eve Ewing & Marvin Patchen 9

    Cueva Espiritu (near San Borjitas). James R. Spring 17

    Baja California Rock Art: Problems, Progress, and Prospects. Eric Ritter 21

    Volume 9, 1992

    Description of Diguet’s Site 12, BCS, Mexico (SW of Mulegé). Hans Bertsch 1

    Cueva Flechas: A Shamanic Initiation Site in Baja Calif. Eve Ewing 5

    Volume 10

    Cañon Santa Isabel (northern Baja). Anita Alvarez de Williams 67

    Animation in the Aboriginal Murals of Baja Calif. Elanie A. Moore 71

    A Petroglyph complex of the Sierra de San Francisco Uplands, Baja Calif.

    Eric W. Ritter 81

    In the Shadows of the Moon (History and Preservation of Rock Art)

    Lic. Jorge Luis Amao Manriquez 103

    A Covenant With Nature: The Great South Gallery of Cueva Pintada. Eve Ewing 107

    Volume 11

    Piedras Pintas (near Mulegé): A Trinary Petroglyph Site of Major Importance.

    O. Winston (Bud) Hampton 1

    Social Issues Regarding the Rock Art of Arroyo del Tordillo, Central Baja Calif

    (west of Bahia Coyote). Eric W. Ritter 9

    Enhancing the Spacial Aspects of Rock Art Recordings and Drawings.

    Elanie A. Moore 65

    Volume 12

    A Riddle at Serpiente: Reading as a Child Might Read. William C. Strange 1

    Explaining Regional Differentiation in Central Baja California Rock Art.

    Eric W. Ritter 9

    Volume 17

    An Examination of Probable “Cultural contact” Rock Art Sites in Southern California

    And Northern Baja California. Jeffrey F. LeFave 33

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