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    Antiquarian Booksellers since 1905
    535 NORTH LARCHMONT BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90004; : (213) 469-2186:
    Price List, 1993


    Volumes in the Collection of Norman K. Christie

    1. Journey of James H. Bull, Baja California, October 1843 to January,1844.

    Edited by Doyce Nunis, Jr. $30.00

    2. Lower California Frontier: Articles from the San Diego Union, 1870. Edited by Florence Shipek. $30.00

    4. The Pearl Hunters in the Gulf of California 1668. By Fr. Juan Cavallero Carranco.

    Translated by W. Michael Mathes. $36.00

    5. Wenceslaus Linck’s Diary of His 1766 Expedition to Northern Baja California.

    Translated, edited by Ernest Burrus, S.J. $50.00

    6. The Republic of Lower California 1753-1754 in the words of its state papers, and eyewitnesses.

    By Arthur Woodward. $36.00

    7. The Natural & Human History of Baja California, from manuscripts by Jesuit missionaries.

    Translated and edited by Homer Aschmann. $50.00

    8. The Rush of ‘89: The Baja California Gold Fever. By Richard Lingenfelter. $30.00

    10. Informe on the New Province of California, 1702. By Francisco Maria Piccolo.

    Translated and edited by George Hammond. $30.00

    11. The Missions and Missionaries of Baja California: An Historical Perspective. By Francis J. Weber. $50.00

    12. The Autobiography of Delfina Cuero, a Diegueno Indian, as told to Florence C. Shipek. $36.00

    13. Indian Art and History: The Testimony of Prehispanic Rock Paintings. By Clement W. Meighan. $200.00

    14. The Filibusters of 1890. Edited by Anna Marie Hager. $30.00

    15. The Apostolic Life of Fernando Consag, explorer of Lower California.

    By Francisco Zevallos. Translated and annotated by Manuel Servin. $36.00

    16. First from the Gulf to the Pacific: The Diary of the Kino-Atondo Peninsular Expedition, 1684-1685.

    By W. Michael Mathes. $50.00

    17. Jose Joaquin Arillaga’s Diary of his Surveys of the Frontier, 1796.

    Translated by Froylan Tiscareno, edited by John Robinson. $30.00

    18. The Capture of the Santa Ana, Cabo San Lucas, November, 1587.

    Translated and edited by W. Michael Mathes. $50.00

    20. Kaigai Ibun. Translated by Richard Zumwinkle, assisted by Tadanobu Kawai. $30.00

    21. Journal Aboard the Bark Ocean Bird on a Whaling Voyage to Scammon’s Lagoon, Winter of 1858-1859.

    By Charles Scammon $50.00

    22. Letter of Luis Jayme, O.F.M., San Diego, October 17, 1772.

    Translated and edited by Maynard Geiger, O.F.M. $30.00

    23. The Baja California Travels of Charles Russell Orcutt. By Helen DuShane. $36.00

    24. Sketches of a Journey on the Two Oceans and to the Interior of America. By the Abbe Henry-J. A. Alric.

    Edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. $30.00

    25. Selected Letters About Lower California. By Juan Maria de Salvatierra, S.J.

    Translated and annotated by Ernest J. Burrus, S.J. $75.00

    26. Historical Notes on Lower California, with some relative to Upper California. By Manuel C. Rojo. $75.00

    27. The Drawings of lgnacio Tirsch, a Jesuit Missionary in Baja California.

    Narrative by Doyce Nunis, Jr. $30.00

    28. The Adventure of Stickeen in Lower California, 1874. By John F. Janes.

    Edited by Anna Marie Hager. $36.00

    31. The Conquistador in California, 1535: The Voyage of Fernando Cortes to Baja California.

    Translated and edited by W. Michael Mathes. $50.00

    32. Baja California: Jewish Refuge and Homeland. By Norton Stern. $30.00

    34. Travelers Among the Cucapa. By Anita Alvarez de Wiliams. $30.00

    35. Geographic and Hydrographic Descriptions of…the Kingdom of California (1632).

    By Nicolas de Cardona. Translated and edited by W. Michael Mathes. $18.00

    36. El Picacho del Diablo. By Norman Clyde. Ed. by John Robinson. $50.00

    37. Royal Officer in Baja California 1768 – 1770: Joaquin Velazquez de Leon. By Iris Engstrand. $50.00

    38. Hardly Any Fences. By John W. Hilton. $30.00

    39. The Mexican War in Baja California. The Memorandum of Captain Henry W. Halleck.

    Introduced and edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. $24.00

    40. Cattle Brands of Baja California Sur. By W Michael Mathes $18.00

    41. English Privateers at Cabo San Lucas. Descriptive accounts by Edward Cooke and Woodes Rogers et al.

    Edited by Thomas F. Andrews. $36.00

    42. Clemente Guillen, Explorer of the South, 1719 -1721.

    Translated and edited by W. Michael Mathes. $18.00

    43. The Natural History of Baja California. By Miguel del Barco, S.J.

    Translated by Froylan Tiscareno. Introduction by Miguel Leon-Portilla. $50.00

    44. Ethnology and Linguistics of Baja California. By Miguel del Barco, S.J.

    Translated by Froylan Tiscareno. Introduction by Miguel Leon-Portilla. $30.00

    45. The Letters of Jacob Baegert, 1749-1761. Translated by Elsbeth Schulz-Bischof.

    Introduced and edited by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr. $36.00

    47. Jesuit Relations, Baja California, 1716-1762.

    Translated and edited with an introduction by Ernest J. Burrus, S.J. $60.00

    48. Xantus, The Letters of John Xantus to Spencer Fullerton Baird, 1859-1861.

    Introduction, notes and illustrations by Ann H. Zwinger. $60.00

    49. Baja California Railways. By John A. Kirchner. $30.00

    50. Baja California Travels Series, General Index, Volumes 1 – 49. By Anna Marie and Everett Gordon Hager,

    compiled and edited by Eligio Moises Coronado. Introduction by W. Michael Mathes. $50.00

    51. Modest Fortures, Mining in Northern Baja California. By Donald Chaput, William M. Mason and

    David Zarate Loperena. Published by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. $75.00

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