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    March 10, 2023 at 2:54 pm

    Publications relating to Baja California

    Natural History Museum of L.A. County

    (in looseleaf binder)

    Contributions in Science:

    #61 Sea Turtles in Baja California Waters (Gulf of California), and

    Description of a New Subspecies of Northeastern Pacific Green Turtle; David K. Caldwell, 1962.

    #109 A New Haliotid (Abalone) from Guadalupe Island, Mex. (Mollusca : Gastropoda)

    Robert Talmadge, 1966.

    #151 A New Early Tertiary Perissodactyl from Baja California. W.J.Morris, 1968.

    #185 Five New Epitonid Gastropods (turritella) From the West Coast of the Americas.

    Helen DuShane. 1970.

    #197 The Social Wasps of Lower California, Mexico. Roy R.Snelling, 1970.

    #217 Pliocene Avian Remains from Baja California. Hildegarde Howard, 1971.

    #232 Prelim Report on Late Cretaceous Mammals from the El Gallo Formation, Baja California del Norte,

    Mexico. Jason A. Lillegraven, 1972.

    #242 Midwater Fishes from the Gulf of California and the Adjacent Eastern Tropical Pacific.

    Gary D. Brewer, 1973.

    #247 Praekogia Cedrosensis, A New Genus and Species of Fossil Pigmy Sperm Whale from Isla Cedros, BC.

    L.C.Barnes, 1973.

    #285 The Island and Coastal Vegetation and Flora of the Northern Part of the Gulf of California.

    Felger & Lowe, 1976.

    #434 Paleontology of the Eocene Bateque Formation, Baja Calif Sur, Mexico.

    R. L. Squires & Robt Demetrion, 1992.

    Terra Magazine

    Ensenada’s Boom; 1870 – 1900. William Mason. V25 #1; Sept-Oct, 1986.

    The Largest Hotel and Watering Place in the World. Donald Chaput. V29#1, Fall 1990.

    Revised: 26 August, 2008


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