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    March 10, 2023 at 2:52 pm

    Index to Articles Relating to Baja California In SYSTEMATIC ZOOLOGY

    Name later changed to SYSTEMATIC BIOLOGY (215) 625-8900

    Back-issues available from: PSC, (518)537-4700

    Special Baja Symposium issues: Biogeography of Baja California and Adjacent Seas.

    v9 #2, June 1960: Part I, Geologic History

    Geologic History of Baja Calif and its Marine Faunas. Durham & Allison.

    v9 #3 & 4, Sep-Dec 1960: Part II, Marine Biotas

    Review of Ecology, Distribution and Affinities of Benthic Flora. E.Y. Dawson.

    Distribution and Affinities of Littoral Marine Bryozoa (Ectoprocta). J. D. Soule

    Distribution and Affinities of Brachyuran Crustacea . John S. Garth.

    Distribution and Affinities of Marine fish Fauna of the Gulf of Calif. B. W. Walker.

    Marine Vertebrates of the Outer Coast. Carl L. Hubbs.

    Part III, Terrestrial and Fresh-water Biotas

    Origin and Relationships of Land Flora. Ira C. Wiggins.

    Entomofauna with Special Reference to Its Origin and Affinities. Fred S. Truxal

    Analysis of the Recent Land Mammals. Robt T. Orr.

    Composition and Origin of the Avifauna. Kenneth E. Stager

    Evolution of Peninsular herpetofauna. Jay M. Savage.

    Fresh-water Fishes – Their Origins and Affinities. W. I. Follett.


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