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  • BajaGringo

    March 10, 2023 at 2:45 pm

    Index to Articles Relating to Baja California Appearing in Brand Book The San Diego Corral of the Westerners #1

    #2, 1970 / 1971:

    La Mision del Diablo (San Pedro Martir, San Isidoro). Clyde H. McMorrow.

    A ‘Forty-Niner in Baja California; Expedition of J.D.Hawks and Party. Walt Wheelock

    (see also, the small booklet, “Diary of James D. Hawkes” in the Christie collection)

    Port Otis (at the Colorado Delta, North end of Gulf of Calif). Wm. O. Hendricks.


    #4, 1976

    A Spanish Voyage to California in 1644: The Report of Pedro Porter y Casanate. W.Michael Mathes.

    (Mision) Santa Catarina de las Yumas. Clyde H. McMorrow.

    Joseph P. Hale and the Orchilla Era in Baja Calif. Eugene K. Chamberlin.

    Annals of Rancho Ex-Mision de Guadalupe (Norte). Robt W. Long.

    The Molokan Russian Colony of Guadalupe, Baja Callif. Lauren C. Post.

    The Los Angeles Corral of the Westerners

    #6, 1956 (wanted)

    Conditions in Baja California, 1824. Charles Rudkin.

    This list is obviously incomplete. I would like to have an index list of the other Brand Books, and possibly a xerox copy of any article relating to Baja California.


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