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    Articles Pertaining to BAJA CALIFORNIA

    By Norman K. Christie (x) = xerox copy (©) = scanned into computer

    Jan 1965; vXI #1: The Discovery and Earliest Explorations of the Gulf of Calif. James R. Moriarty. reprint.

    Winter, 1971, vXVII#1: Immigrants on the Gila and Baja California Routes to San Diego in 1849. J.R.Moriarty.

    Summer,1973; vXIX #3: Paradoxes in the History of Baja Calif. Miguel Leon-Portilla. ©

    Fall, 1974; vXX #4: The Mission of Ulises Urbano Lassepas to Baja Calif. David Ramirez, Transl by Ronald Young.

    Fall 1975; vXXI #4: Problems of the Serra Route from Loreto to San Diego. Ronald L. Ives.

    Spring, 1976; vXXII #2: El Camino Real in Baja Calif; Comments on “Problems of the Serra Route”. Harry Crosby.

    Fall 1976; vXXII #4: Memories of Early Days in Baja California. Margaret Brown Baldwin.

    :Some Reflections on California, 1776. W. Michael Mathes.

    Winter 1977; vXXIII #1: El Camino Real in Baja Calif: Loreto to San Diego. Harry Crosby. ©

    : The Beginnings of Secular Colonization in Baja Calif. David Pinera Ramirez.

    Summer 1977; vXXIII #3: Kondo Masaharu and the Best of All Fishermen. Don Estes.

    : In Search of the Original Californian: Herman Ten Kate’s Expedition to Baja. P.W. van der Pas.

    Fall 1979; vXXV #4: Music in the Jesuit Missions of Baja Calif.(1698-1767). Prelim Investigation by A.E.Lemmon.

    Winter, 1980; v26 #1: Baja Calif Goldrush of 1889. Sylvia K.Flanigan. ©

    Fall 1980; vXXVI #4: The Discredited Revolution: The Magonista Capture of Tijuana in 1911. Richard G. del Castillo.

    Winter, 1981; vXXVII #1: Mud Volcanoes, Faults and Quakes of the Colorado Delta Before the 20th Century. C.L.Strand. Summer 1981; vXXVII #3: Adaptation of the Bajacalifornian to the Environment from Earliest times to the

    mid-19th Century. W.Michael Mathes.

    Spring, 1983 vXXIX #2; A Brief Glimpse of Kumeyaay Past; Interview With Tom Lucas, Kwaaymii of Laguna Ranch.

    : Hotel Riviera del Pacifico: Social, Civic, Cultural Center of Ensenada.

    Winter 1984; vXXX #1: Ensenada: Background, Founding and Early Development. Maria de Novelo.

    : The Mexican-American War in Baja California. Richard W. Amero. ©

    Winter, 1988; vXXXIV #1: Writing History with Picture Postcards: Revolution in Tijuana. Paul Vanderwood.

    Winter 1989; vXXXV #1: A History of Santa Rosalia in Baja Calif. Maria E. B. De Novelo.

    Fall, 1999, v45 #4: The History of the Calif China Products Co. of National City, 1911-1917. A. D. Bevil. ©

    Actually, about Charles and Walter Nordhoff, who wrote Peninsular California, and Journey of the Flame.

    Articles Not in Christie collection

    Available over internet:

    Winter 1972 The Historical Archives of Baja California Sur: their antecedents and recent creation

    Fall 1972 Utopia in Baja California: The Dreams of José de Gálvez

    Fall 1987 The British Are Coming: or, The Army of India and the Founding of Ensenada

    Winter 1999 Magonista Revolt in Baja California, 1911 Capitalist Conspiracy or Rebelion de los Pobres?

    Winter 2000 Captain Edward William Funcke: Hunting in Baja California for a Living

    Journal of San Diego History is published by the San Diego Historical Society.

    Cumulative Index of all articles at: http://www.sandiegohistory.org/journal/journal.htm


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