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    Relating to Baja California Collected by: Norman K. Christie Revised: 16 December, 2010


    V:1 Zonal Status of Sierra San Pedro Martir with descriptions of a new Kangaroo Rat and Woodpecker.

    Huey; 1927.

    V:2 Birds in Spring at San Felipe with descriptions of a new Woodpecker. Huey; 1927.

    V:5 New Kangaroo Rat and Brush Rabbit from Lower California. Huey; 1927.

    V:7 New Louisiana Heron and Round-tailed Ground Squirrel from Lower Calif. Huey; 1927.

    V:8 New Silky Pocket Mouse and Pocket Gopher from Lower California. Huey; 1928.

    V:11 Trimorphodon (Lyre Snake) of California. Klauber; 1928.

    V:13 New Fox from the Cape region. Huey; 1928

    V:15 New Pocket Gopher and Antelope Ground Squirrel from Lower Calif. Huey; 1929.

    V:18 Loliolopsis chiroctes, new genus and species of Squid from Gulf of Calif. Berry; 1929.

    6#10 Comments on Marsh Sparrows of southern and Lower Calif. With descriptions of a new race.

    Huey; 1930.

    6#13 New Verdin from central Lower California. Huey; 1930. (titmouse-like bird)

    6#16 New race of Bell Sparrow from Lower California. Huey; 1930.

    6#26 New subspecies of Peromyscus from the Gulf Coast of Lower Calif. Huey; 1931.

    7#2 Two new Ground Squirrels from Lower California. Huey; 1931.

    7#6 New Meadow Mouse from Lower California. Huey, 1931.

    7#7 New White-footed Mouse from Lower California. Nelson and Goldman; 1932.

    7#16 Descriptions of heretofore unknown Mammals from islands in the Gulf of California. Burt; 1932.

    8#5 Three new species of Pinnixa from the Gulf of Calif. Glassell; 1935.

    8#14 New or little-known Crabs from the Pacific Coast of northern Mexico. Glassell; 1935.

    9#11 Silky Pocket Mice with a description of a new race. Huey; 1939.

    9#21 New Cardinal from central Lower California. Huey; 1940.

    9#23 New coastal form of Brush Rabbit from vicinity of San Quintin. Huey; 1940.

    9#24 New species of Legless Lizard from San Geronimo Island. Shaw; 1940.

    9#28 New Chuckwalla from Santa Catalina Island in the Gulf of Calif. Shaw; 1941.

    9#31 Observations on Plants and Insects in northwestern Baja California with descriptions of new Bees.

    Cockerell; 1941.

    9#35 Two new Wrens and a Jay from Lower California. Huey; 1942.

    10#4 New Snake of genus Sonora, Lower California. Klauber; 1943.

    10#13 Preliminary studies on Black-throated Sparrows of Baja Calif. Van Rossem; 1945.

    10#14 Pocket Gophers of Baja Calif, with descriptions of nine new forms. Huey; 1945.

    10#16 New Wood Rat , genus Neotoma, from Vizcaino desert region. Huey, 1945.

    11#1 Gopher Snakes of Baja Calif, with descriptions of new subspecies of Pituophis catenifer. Klauber; 1946.

    11#3 Undescribed race of Mangrove Warbler from Baja Calif. Van Rossem; 1947.

    11#4 Three new races of Pocket Gophers (Thomomys) from Baja Calif. Huey; 1949.

    11#10 Kangaroo Rats (Dipodomys) of Baja California. Huey; 1951.

    12#1 New form of Perognathus formosus from Baja Calif. Huey; 1954.

    12#4 Analysis of Herpetofauna of Baja Calif. Lowe and Norris; 1954.

    12#5 Snakes of the islands of the Gulf of Calif. Cliff; 1954.

    12#9 Additional notes on Pliocene and Pleistocene fauna of Turtle Bay area. Chace; 1956.

    12#12 New species of Megathymus (Lepidoptera: Megathymidae) from Baja Calif. Harbison; 1957.

    12#13 Notes on metamorphosis of Agave-boring Butterfly from Baja Calif. Comstock; 1957.

    12#15 New race of Wood Rat (Neotoma) from Gulf side of central Baja Calif. Huey; 1957.

    12#16 Late Pleistocene faunas from northwestern coast of Baja Calif. Valentine; 1957.

    12#20 New Mollusk from San Felipe. Chace; 1958.

    12#23 New race of Pocket Gopher (Thomomys) from San Fernando Mission, Baja Cal. Huey; 1960.

    12#24 Two new races of Perognathus spinatus from Baja Calif. Huey; 1960.

    12#25 Comments on Pocket Mouse, Perognathus fallax with descriptions of two new races from

    Baja California. Huey; 1960.

    12#28 Marine Mollusks from Los Angeles Bay, Gulf of Calif. McLean; 1961.

    13#1 Belvedere Expedition of the Gulf of California. Lindsay; 1962.

    13#3 Birds of the Belvedere Expedition to the Gulf of Calif. Banks; 1963

    13#4 Second new species of Megathymid from Baja California. Harbison; 1963.

    13#6 Two new Opisthobranch Molluscs from Baja Calif. Farmer, 1963.

    13#7 Mammals of Baja California. Huey; 1964.

    13#9 New Marine Beetle from Gulf of California. Moore; 1964.

    13#12 Staphylinidae of marine mud flats of southern Calif and NW Baja Calif. (Coleoptera). 1964,

    13#16 Terrestrial Molluscs of the Belvedere Expedition to Gulf of Calif. Emerson & Jacobson; 1964.

    13#17 Invertebrate Megafossils of Belvedere Expedition to Gulf of Calif. Emerson & Hertlein; 1964.

    13#19 Additions to Nudibranch fauna of east Pacific and Gulf of Calif. Collier & Farmeer; 1964.

    13#20 Mammals of Cerralvo Island, Baja Calif. Banks; 1964. (2)

    14#3 Notes on Birds of NW Baja California. Short & Banks; 1965.

    14#4 Notes on Bats from the Cape region of Baja Calif. Jones, Smith & Alvarez; 1965.

    14#7 Pinniped populations of Islas Guadalupe, San Benito & Cedros . Rice, Kenyon & Lluch; 1965.

    14#11 Biogeography and distribution of Reptiles and Amphibians on Islands in the Gulf of California.

    Soule & Sloan; 1966.

    14#15 Night Snakes of Baja California. Tanner; 1966.

    14#17 Birds and Mammals of La Laguna, Baja Calif. Banks, 1967.

    14#20 Notes on Avifauna of NW Baja Calif. Shaort & Crossin; 1967.

    14#21 Occurrence of Pacific Lamprey, Entosphenus tridentatus, off Baja Calif.

    With remarks on nomenclature. Hubbs, 1967.

    15#2 New Panamic Nudibranchs (Gastropoda: opisthobranchia) from Gulf of Calif. Lance; 1968.

    15#6 Biological survey of Bahia Los Angeles; I: General Account. Barnard & Grady; 1968.

    15#7 II: Benthic Polychaetous Annelids. Reish; 1968.

    15#8 III: Benthic Mollusca. Coan; 1968

    15#13 IV: Benthic Amphipoda (Crustacea). Barnard; 1969

    15#11 Five new taxa of Haplopappus (Compositae) from Baja Calif. Moran; 1969.

    15#17 Twelve new Dicots (flora) from Baja California. Moran; 1969

    16#2 Shallow water Anomuran Crab fauna of SW Baja Calif. Haig, Hopkins & Scanland; 1970.

    16#4 Eastern Pacific Crown of Thorns Starfish populations in lower Gulf of Calif. Dana & Wolfson; 1970.

    16#5 Evolution of Peromyscus on northern Islands in the Gulf of Calif. Lawlor; 1971.

    16#10 Herpetofauna of Pacific coast of north-central Baja Calif with description of new subspecies of

    Phyllocactylus xanti. Bostic; 1971.

    17#3 Paleontology and paleoncology of the San Diego formation in NW Baja Calif. Rowland; 1972.

    18#1 Elephant Seals (Mirounga Angustirostris) on Los Coronados Islands, with analysis of

    Breeding population. Hubbs; 1975.

    19#3 First records of Risso’s Dolphin (Grampus griseus) from Gulf of Calif. With detailed notes on

    mass stranding. Leatherwood, Hubbs & Fisher; 1979.

    20#4 Two new Idoteid isopods from Baja Calif and Gulf of Calif, and analysis of evolutionary history of

    genus Colidotea (Crustacea: Isopoda: Idoteidae). Brusca; 1983


    #1 Revision of the Mexican Pyrgomorphidae (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) II

    A Reappraisal of the Genus Ichthiacris I. Bolivar, 1905, with descriptions of three new species

    From Baja California. Kevan; 1 July, 1990.

    #4 A new Long-nosed Snake (Rhinocheilus lecontei) from Isla Cerralvo, BCS.

    Grismer; 16 September, 1990.

    #28 Annotated checklist of the Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Calif.

    Vidal, Findley & Leatherwood; 1 November, 1993.

    Want List: #14, Nov 1992. Camarones carideos… 13 pages. Ruben Rios



    #5 Atlas of Monthly mean Sea Surface and subsurface Temperatures in the Gulf of California.

    Robinson; 1973.

    #12 The Grasses of Baja California. Gould & Moran; 1981.


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