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    CUMULATIVE INDICES for Some ROCKHOUND Magazines. Index # 1

    Articles Relating to BAJA California by Norm Christie; Revised: 15 February, 2014

    Christie collection: . x = xerox copy. © = scanned into computer. Red = Wanted

    AMERICAN MINERALOGIST (aka: The Mineralogist): http://www.minsocam.org

    x v9; 1924, p221: Clinozoisite from Lower California (norte). A.F. Rogers. ©

    x v51; 1966, p99: Diagenetic Polyhalite in Recent Salt From Baja California. Wm T. Holser


    Fall, 1955, p202, 219: Calcite; Freaks and Rarities. John Sinkankas.


    #289, Oct 1961, p16: Collecting in Baja California. Part 1. P.W. Johnson.

    #290; Nov 1961, p26; Collecting in Baja California. Part 2. P.W. Johnson.

    #387; Dec, 1969, p.36; El Marmol. Paul W. Johnson.

    #529; Nov 1981, p86: Gems and Minerals of Mexico, Part 1: Ken and Doris Castro.

    #530; Dec 1981, p26: Gems and Minerals of Mexico, Part 2: Ken and Doris Castro.


    V10, 1966, p10: New Cuttable Gem Material from Mexico. F.H. Pough.

    Journal of Geology (Univ of chicago Press)

    V XXIX, # 8, Nov-Dec 1921: Geologic Reconnaissance in Baja California. N.H.Darton. Complete journal, plus signed reprint.

    vol 74 #6, 1966. p.932.: Origin of Carmen Island Salt Deposit, Baja Calif, Mexico. D.W.Kirkland et al. ©

    LAPIDARY JOURNAL (bi-monthly until April, 1962) LapidaryJournal@primediasi.com

    x Apr 1954, p 20-24: Gem Hunting in Baja Calif. James A. Moore.

    v12#4; Oct, 1958, p466-472: Spectacular Find of Sphene Made in Mexico. Hugh Leiper.

    v15#1, Apr 1961, p34-48: Story of an Adventure in Baja California (Norte). J.C. Arnold & Dr. Ron Olson.

    x v15 , Oct 1961, p456: Gem Minerals of Baja Calif. P.W. Johnson.

    x Aug, 1962: Organic Gem Materials of Baja. Paul W. Johnson. ©

    v17; April 1963, p4: Chromian Sphene; a New Gem find in Baja (near San Quintin). John Sinkankas.

    Contains Subject Index, April 1947 – March 1963

    v17#3; July, 1963, p449: New Sapphire Find in Baja California (Sierra Juarez). Paul W. Johnson. ©

    v18#1; Apr 1964, p48: Gemstones and Minerals of Baja Calif – An Annotated Directory. Sinkankas.

    v19#4; July1965, p436-477: Spectacular Strike of Red Axinite in Baja. John Sinkankas.

    v19#12; Mar 1966, p1304-1318: Adventuring Off the Beaten Track in Mexico, pt 3: Chihuahua & Durango.

    v20#3; June 1966, p424-435: Adventuring Off the Beaten Track in Mexico, pt 6: Sinaloa & Alamos.

    v20#4; July, 1966, p542-49: Adventuring Off the Beaten Track in Mexico, pt 7: Yaqui Land (Sonora).

    v20#5; Aug, 1966: Adventuring Off the Beaten Track in Mexico, pt8: NW Sonora. Miller & Olson.

    v20#6; Sept 1966, p700-709: ….. Track in Mexico, pt 9: Pimera (Northern Sonora).

    v20#7; Oct, 1966, p 830-844: ….. Track in Mexico, pt 10: NE Baja Calif; Cerro Pinto, Pegmatites, Gavilanes

    v20#8; Nov 1966, p924: …… Track in Mexico, pt11: NW Baja Calif; Olivia, Fenomeno, Pino Solo, Alamo.

    v20#9; Dec 1966, p 1066: ….Track in Mexico, pt 12: San Felipe-Bahia Gonzaga-Las Arrastras-Laguna Chapala.

    v20#10; Jan 1967, p1208-1219 ….Track in Mexico, pt 13: Baja; El Marmol, San Quintin, Guadalupe Valley.

    v20#11, Feb 1967, p 1310……….. Track in Mexico, pt 14: Chihuahua

    v20#12; Mar 1967, p1432-1445: ….Track in Mexico, pt 15: San Luis Potosi-Zacatecas-Saltillo.

    v21#2; May 1967, p352-366: ….Track in Mexico, pt 16: Topaz, Zacatecas – San Luis Potosi

    v21#3; June 1967, p 457-467: ….Track in Mexico, pt 17: Sinaloa, Nayarit, Durango.

    v21#4; July 1967, p 576-585: ….Track in Mexico, pt 18: Sonora

    v24; April, 1970, p281: Onyx and Opal Cutting Industry in Baja Calif. C. Walker ©


    x29#5; Aug 1975, p914, 931: A Rockhound in Baja. Perry W. Trout.

    29#10; Jan 1976, p 1814-1830: Boleo – A Classic Locality Reworked. Edward Swoboda.

    MINERALOGICAL RECORD: (first issue; June, 1970)

    v29#1; Jan/Feb 1998: Baja California, Mexico; special issue. Photos and maps mainly relating to Santa Rosalia area.


    v30#7-8; July-Aug,1962; p4: Boleo Copper District, Baja Calif. Part 1. P.W. Johnson. ©

    v30#9-10; Sept-Oct, 1962; p8: Boleo Copper District, Baja Calif. Part 2. P.W. Johnson. ©

    v31#5; 1963; p4: El Fenomeno Mine. P.W. Johnson. ©

    v31#6 1963, p12: Prehnite, Apophyllite and other Species from El Fenomeno Mine. Sinkankas ©

    April, 1964: Laguna Guerrero Negro. P.W. Johnson. Salt mining and collecting. ©


    v1 #1; Jan-Feb, 1972: Gems Below the Border. Earl P. Smith

    ROCK & GEM (805)644-3824×10, x29 rockgem@aol.com (back orders); rockgemmag@aol.com (editor)

    v3#4; April, 1973, p76: Seashells of Baja. W.R.C. Shedenhelm.

    Nov, 1974, Rockhound in Mexico – nothing on Baja Calif.

    v5#4; April, 1975, p56: Rockhound’s Guide To Baja: Tijuana to Ensenada to Tecate.

    v5#5; May, 1975, p50: Rockhound’s Guide to Baja: Mexicali – Sea of Cortez – Ensenada. Shedenhelm.

    v6#3; March, 1976, p42: Rockhound’s Guide to Baja: Ensenada to San Quintin ©

    v6#5; May, 1976, p18: Rockhounding in Baja: Down “the Road”. W.R.C. Shedenhelm. ©

    Mina Ojuela, Mapimi (Durango). Robt W. Jones.

    v6#6; June, 1976, p40: Minerals of Mexico (not Baja). Robert Jones.

    p48: Rockhounding in Baja: El Marmol. Shedenhelm. ©

    v6#9, Sept, 1976, p16: Rockhounding in Baja: El Triunfo. W.R.C. Shedenhelm ©

    v6#10; Oct, 1976, p52: Rockhounding in Baja: San Felipe Sulfur. W.R.C. Shedenhelm. ©

    v7#3; March, 1977, p53: Mexican Pebble People. Lee Martin.

    v7#11; Nov. 1977, p.92: Working with Apache Tears. Perry Trout. ©

    v8#6; June, 1978. p.40: Sierra Pinta Jasper (north of San Felipe). Shedenhelm.

    v11#10; Oct 1981, p16: Angel-Wing Calcite (Durango). Bob Jones.

    P72: Rockhounding in Baja: South to Ensenada. W.R.C. Shedenhelm

    v15#11; Nov, 1985, p58: Baja Moonstone (east Bahia Concepcion). Cathi Borthwick.

    V63#6; Nov-Dec, 1988: Manganese-Rich Tourmalines from Baja California Norte. R.W.Jones. abstract. ©

    v19#3 March, 1989: Polishing Obsidian and Apache Tears. Earl spendlove. P.52 ©

    Gemstones of Baja, Part 1. Bob Jones. P.28 (Baja Norte)

    v19#4; April, 1989, p68: Gemstones of Baja, Part 2. Bob Jones. (central Baja) ©

    v28#6June, 1998: Baja Blue. Bonni MacIntosh ( Boleo Mine) ©

    ROCKS and MINERALS http://www.rocksandminerals.org

    V63, 1988, P456: Manganese-Rich Tourmalines from Baja Calif Norte. Jones, Zeng, MacKenzie. (wanted)

    Note: This list is far from complete, being mainly a list of items in my collection.


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