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    X = Xerox copy only © = scanned into computer

    AAA / ACSC, Automobile Club of Southern California:

    Log of Baja California, Mexico. 1962, 1965, 1966. Road log and guide.

    Baja California del Norte. 1968, 1970, 1972. Road logs and guidebook.

    Baja California del Sur. 1968, 1969, 1971, 1972. Road logs and guidebook.

    Baja California. 1991, 2001. Road log, Guidebook, accommodations.

    American Anthropologist

    Vol 10#2 The Native Tribes of Lower California. Arthur W. North. 1908

    American Antiquity:

    v 8, #2, Oct,1942: An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Northeastern Baja Calif and SE Calif. Adan Treganza reprint.

    V 31 #3, Jan 1966: Prehistoric Rock Paintings in Baja California. Clement W. Meighan. Softbound reprint.

    V 61#4, p 718: Valle Del Azufre (Obsidian Site). Steven Shackley et al. . downloaded abstract with maps and photos.

    American Museum of Natural History, NY: See Norm’s Index # 26 for titles of Bulletins, Novitates, and Books.

    American Naturalist: (University of Chicago)

    Baja Calif: A peninsula for rodents, but not for reptiles: R.L.Seib. 1980, Vol.115

    A.A.P.G. (American Assn of Petroleum Geologists): Bulletins, Memoirs, and Other Publications:

    Geologic History of No. Mexico & its Bearing on Petroleum Exploration. L.B.Kellum. V28,#3, Mar,1944.

    Hydrothermally derived Petroleum: Examples from Guaymas Basin, Gulf of Calif, and Escanaba Trough,

    NE Pacific Ocean. Kvenvolden & Simoneit. V.74,#3; Mar, 1990.

    Implications for Organic Maturation Studies….Rapid Increase/Stabilization of Vitrinite Reflectance: Cerro Prieto

    Geothermal System, Mexico. Charles E. Barker. V.75#12; Dec, 1991.

    Lower Cretaceous Pre-Batholithic Rocks of Northern Baja Calif. Silver, Stehli, & Allen. V47#12, 1963.

    Marine Geology of Baja Calif Continental Borderland, Mexico. L.J.Doyle & D.S.Gorsline, June, 1977.

    Memoir #3: Marine Geology of the Gulf of Calif. Ed by van Andel & Shor. 1964. Vol 1= text; vol 2 = 7 maps.

    Pacific Coast Geology of Northern Baja Calif and Adjacent Alta Calif. AAPG/SEPM/SEG. 1970.

    For list of road logs, maps and 20 papers, see Christie Index #15.

    Geology of Peninsular California. AAPG, SEPM, SEG, edited by G. Gastil and J. Lillegraven; 1974. See Index #22.

    Miocene and Cretaceous Depositional Environments, Northwestern Baja Calif. Pacific Sect.AAPG vol 54.

    Edited by John Minch and James Ashby, 1984. 7 papers relating to northern and northwestern Baja.

    Arizona and the West

    Navigation Methods of Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J. Ronald L. Ives. Vol. II, No. 3, Autumn 1960, pp. 213-43 ©

    Arizona Highways:

    Jan, 1959: Cactus issue.

    Jan, 1960: Abojo Del Mar de Cortez (diving / fish)

    March, 1960: Paintings by John Hilton.

    Jan, 1989: Beneath the Sea of Cortez. Alex Kerstitch. Diving.

    Arizona History, Journal of:

    Autumn, 2009: Wells in the Desert; Retracing the Mexican War trails of Kearney and Cooke through Baja Calif.

    Tom Jonas


    #19; Enero-Junio 1998. contains “El yacimiento de obsidiana Valle de Azufre, Baja Calif Sur” ©

    Arqueología Mexicana:

    Vol XI#62, July-Aug 2003: Special issue, “La Peninsula de Baja California”.

    Auka (journal of Culturas Nativas de Baja Calif) (CUNA)

    Vol.1, #1; July-Oct, 1993.

    Vol.1, #2; Oct-Dec, 1993. #3;Jan-Mar, 1994.(later numbers, name changed to CUNA; see under)

    Baja California Symposia: see Christie’s separate cumulative index (#4a) and subject index (#4b):

    I, Los Angeles, 1963. Proceedings not published, but see Aschmann paper in Calif Hist Soc Quarterly.

    III; Mexicali, 1965: 1 paper only: Precision Tools of San Dieguito Man. Creutz.

    IV; Costa Mesa, 1966. In original envelop.

    V; Tijuana, 1967.

    VI; San Bernardino 1968: one paper only: Old Main Towns of the N part of the Frontier of Lower Calif. Meade.

    VII; Tecate, 1969: 5 out of 10 papers only.

    VIII; Ensenada, 1970. 3 papers only.

    IX; Santa Ana, 1971 (Ferrocarriles en BC, only)

    XI; Corona del Mar, 1973.

    XII; La Paz, 1974.

    XIII; Riverside, 1975. “The Lower Californian” Vol 1, #2. Newspaper of the Lower Calif Co,

    Nov. 10, 1870. Reprinted for Baja California Symposium XIII, 1975.

    XIV; Tecate, 1976.

    XV; San Diego, 1977.

    XVI; La Paz, 1978.

    XVII; Ensenada, 1979.

    XVIII; Loreto, 1980.

    XIX; Los Angeles, 1981.

    XX; Tecate, 1982. with addendum: “Tecate, Calif or Tecatito” E.K.Chamberlin, E.ClampusVitus.

    XXI; La Paz, 1983.

    XXII; Glendale, 1984.

    XXIII; San Felipe, 1985.

    XXIV; San Jose del Cabo, 1986.

    XXV; Redlands, 1987.

    XXVI; Bahia de Los Angeles, 1988.

    XXVII; El Sauzal, 1989.

    XXVIII; Rosarito, 1990.

    XXIX; Mexicali, 1991. Spanish text (spiral), and English (beige) different papers.

    XXX; Santa Rosalía, 1992. 2 copies. Contains Index I – XXX.

    XXXI; El Centro, 1993.

    Baja California Bulletin:

    Special Edition, 1974: David Kier’s Roadguide; Flying Sams; Jesuit Missions.

    Baja California magazine: (refer to cumulative index by Norm Christie for individual articles)

    Vol XV, #2; Mar-Apr, 1987. Vol XV, #3; May-June, 1987. Vol XV, #6; Dec., 1987 see “Baja Traveler”.

    Baja Explorer magazine: (refer to cumulative index of articles, by Norm Christie)

    11 July, 1991: Eclipse of the Millennium. Includes “Astronomy in Old Baja Calif” by W. Michael Mathes.

    Vol 1, #1; Sept-Oct, 1991. Vol 1, #2; Nov-Dec, 1991.

    Vol 2, #1; Jan-Feb, 1992. Vol 2, #2; Mar-Apr, 1992. Vol 2, #3; May-June, 1992.

    Vol 2, #4; July-Aug, 1992. Vol 2, #5; Sept-Oct, 1992. Vol 2, #6; Nov-Dec, 1992.

    Baja Life Magazine (See Cumulative Index #2 by Norm christie for Subject Articles)

    Baja Sun (Newspaper): articles:

    King of Baja’s Crags (Borrego; desert bighorn sheep). Sept, 1992.

    Jail With No Bars (Mulegé). October, 1992.

    Trinidad, “The Trinity” (Rock Art). Kerry Otterstrom, October, 1992.

    Purisima & San Isidro (WNW of Loreto). Dec, 1992.

    Baja Times (Newspaper): articles:

    Rugged Cedros Island. Patricia V.de Gibb.; Oct, 1989.

    Legendary Lost Mission. Lincoln Bates; April, 1992.

    Mission of Santa Gertrudes la Magna. Greg Niemann. April, 1992.

    Laguna Hanson. Bruce F. Barber; October, 1992.

    Eiffel’s Iron Church (in Santa Rosalía). Helen Call; Aug. 1993.

    Sea Lions of Cedros. Charles W. Sasser, in Baja Times; October, 1994.

    Baja Traveler magazine: (see Cumulative Index #2 by Norm Christie for article titles).

    Vol 1, #1; Winter, 1988. Vol 2, #1; Spring, 1989. ( v & # transposed). Vol 1, #3; Summer, 1989.

    Vol 2, #3; Fall, 1989.

    Vol 3, #1; Winter, 1990. Vol 3, #2; Spring, 1990.

    see “Baja Explorer”.

    Cactus and Succulent Journal:

    Midget Mammillarias (Cactus) of Baja California. George E. Lindsay. Vol XXXII, #6, Nov-Dec, 1960.

    The Genus Lophocereus. (cactus) George Lindsay (Calif Academy of Sciences) Vol XXV#6, 1963.

    Dudleya Pachyphytum of Cedros Island, Mexico. R.Moran & M. . Vol 53, 1981.

    Productivity Pattern in a Baja Population of Yucca Schidigera. Comanor & Clark.

    California Academy of Sciences: Proceedings: (boxed set) (see also “Pacific Discovery”)

    * See separate index #3 by Norm Christie for complete list of articles*

    Vol II, 1889: (hard-bound book)

    New Birds from Lower Calif. Alfred W. Anthony.

    A Collection of Plants from Baja Calif, 1889. Townshend S. Brandegee.

    Descriptions of Nests and Eggs……Geothlipis Beldingi. Walter E. Bryant.

    Provisional Descriptions of Supposed New Mammals from Calif & Lower Calif. W.E. Bryant.

    General Ornithological Notes. Edited by Walter E. Bryant

    A Catalogue of Birds of Lower California. Walter E. Bryant.

    Fungi Collected by T.S.Brandegee in Lower Calif in 1889. H.W.Harkness.

    Petrographical Notes from (northern) Baja California. Waldemar Lindgren.

    Contributions to North American (Lower Calif) Euphorbiacae. C. F. Millspaugh.

    California Anthropology; Journal of: (in binder cover)

    Vol 2 #2, Winter, 1975: “Some New Observations Relative to the Indigenous Inhabitants of La Paz, BCS”

    by W. Michael Mathes. (xerox).

    Vol 3 #1, Summer, 1976: “Some Paipai Accounts of Food Gathering” by Judith Joel. (xerox).

    Vol 3 #2, Winter, 1976: “Grasset de Saint Sauveur and the Indians of Baja Calif.”, by A. B. Elsasser. (xerox)

    California Coast and Ocean:

    Summer, 1996: La Cuenca del Rio Tijuana.(bi-national watershed environmental report) Jim King.

    California Geographer:

    Geography of the Sierras Juarez and San Pedro Martir; Baja Calif. David Henderson. Vol 1, 1960. (xerox copy)

    California Geology magazine:

    Plate Tectonics and the Gulf of California Region. Nancy Schmidt, Nov, 1990.

    California Historical Society Quarterly: (aka “California History”)

    ( See Christie’s Index to Baja articles #24. )

    California Mining Journal: See”International California Mining Journal”

    Calypso Log (of the Cousteau Society) and Dolphin Log:

    Saving Mexico’s Vanishing Vaquita. Calypso Log, Cousteau Society; Aug, 1992.

    Spider Island. Dolphin Log, Jan, 1996.

    Catholic historical Review: Catholic University of America.

    The Jesuits in Baja California. Charles E. Chapman. Vol VI #1, April, 1920.

    C.F.E. (see “Geotermia”)

    Ciguatan (Instituto de Investigaciones Historicas del Estado de Baja Calif.)

    #5, Julio 1986.


    Vol IX#5: Catalog of Birds Collected by W. W. Brown, Jr, in Middle Lower California. J.E.Thayer & O.Bangs. Reprint.

    CUNA (ex Auka) Native Cultures Institute of Baja Calif.

    Vol 1, #4; April-Sept 94. Vol 2, #1; Oct94-Apr95, #2; April-Sept 95, #3, Oct95-Mar96, #4, Apr-Sept 96.

    Vol 3; #1, Oct 96-March 97; #2, Apr-Sept 97; #3, Oct97-Mar98; #4, Apr-Sept98.

    Vol 4; #1, Oct98-Mar99; #2, Apr-Sept99; #3, Nov99-Mar00. #4, Apr00-Sept00

    Vol 5; #1, Oct 00-Apr 01; #2, Apr-Sept 2001; #3, Oct01-Mar02; #4, Apr-Oct 2002

    CUNA Symposia: 8 October, 1994: Baja California Indigena.

    12 Oct, 1996: Water Quality in the Kumiai Communities of Baja Calif, and

    Building a Kumeyaay Environmental Strategy: a Border 21 Project.

    15 Nov, 1997: Theme: Impact of Mission Period on Native People of Baja Calif. 11 papers.

    Desert Magazine: See Cumulative index #7 by Norm Christie.

    Desert Plant Life:

    Desert Islands of Baja Calif. Reid Moran & George Lindsay. Reprint Dec 1949.

    San Benito Islands. Reid Moran & George Lindsay. Reprint, Oct, 1951.

    Discover Baja newsletter : clipped or xeroxed articles:

    A Blast from the Depths (volcanic eruption near Socorro Island). Lynn Mitchell. May, 1993.

    Coastal Horned Lizard. Dr. Hans Bertsch. Fall, 2001.

    Exploring Mission San Fernando Velicata. April Althouse. Summer, 2001

    Fishing Baja’s Islas Encantadas. Neil Kelly. March, 1995.

    Highlights of Highway 3 (Ensenada – Tecate). Graham Mackintosh. March, 1995.

    Historic San Fernando. Graham Macintosh. Nov, 1995.

    In Search of a Lost Mission. David Kier. Fall 2009 (N. of Sta Getrudes – possibly Santa Agueda ?) ©

    A Journey to San Javier. Carolina Shepard Espinoza. March, 1995.

    Osprey – the Fish Hawk. Lynn Mitchell. July, 1992.

    Ospreys In Baja. Gustavo D. Danemann. Sept-Oct, 1996.

    Shipwrecks and Coyotes ( Sand Island, Scammon’s Lagoon). Peter Jensen. Fall, 2004.

    Turtle Bay; A hot Weather Haven. Kelly & Kira; July-Aug, 1993.

    Dolphin Log (Cousteau Society kids’ magazine) : See Calypso Log.

    Economic Geology:

    Origin of the Boleo Copper Deposit, Lower Calif, Mexico. Marcel E.Touwaide. vXXV #2; 1930.

    Dikes and Veins of the Alamo Gold District, Lower Calif. Robt S. Moehlman; v30#7, Nov.1935.

    Manganese on Punta Concepcion, Baja Calif, Mexico. James A. Noble . v45 #8, Dec, 1950. x ©

    Geology and Ore Deposits of Baja Calif. Edward Wisser. v49#1, Jan.1954.

    Origin of the “Manto” Copper Deposits in Lower Calif, Mexico. Hironao Nishihara. V52 #8, Dec, 1957. Boleo area.

    Geologic Setting and Origin of the Lucifer Manganese Deposit, B.C.S., Mex. Daniel A. Freiberg. v78#5, Aug. 1983.

    Mobility and distribution of Heavy Metals During the Formation of First Cycle Red Beds (San Felipe Area).

    R.A.Zielinski, S. Bloch, T.R.Walker. v78#8, Dec, 1983.

    Evergreen Review:

    ‘Lower’ California. Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Vol 6, #24; May-June, 1962. ©

    Explorer News:

    Volcanic Island in the Sea of Cortez (San Luis). C.Leon, 1989.

    Four Wheeler magazine: (In looseleaf)

    February, 1963: Special Baja Issue. (Xerox)

    October, 1963: Baja’s Sierra Juarez Canyons (part 1). Roger K. Mitchell. Northern Laguna Salada area. (Xerox)

    November, 1963: (part 2) wanted. Not in collection.

    May, 1964: Hunting Baja’s Giant Fossil Ammonites. Roger K. Mitchell. (clipped article)

    October, 1964: Mexico’s Petrified Wood Bonanza. R. K. Mitchell. Rockhounding in NW Sonora. (Xerox)

    November, 1964: Baja Travel Tips. (Xerox)

    September, 1967: Punta Cabras, Baja Beauty Spot. Jerry Holiday.

    : Record Run (Baja 1000). Edward Orr.

    January, 1973: Baja 1000 (pt II). Ensenada 300.

    February, 1973: Baja 1000 (pt III). Bill Sanders. Working in a Baja Pit Crew. Rick Odemar.

    Annual #1: 1974: BAJA Highway One.

    July, 1976: Fiesta in Baja-land. Wm Worthy

    Gateway Magazine (Relates to San Felipe and the Sea of Cortez) (Succeeded by “San Felipe” magazine):

    Feb, 1991; April, 1991; May, 1991; June, 1991; July, 1991; August, 1991. Sold to Wm clark, July, 2014

    Gems and Minerals (Jewelry Making) (See Cumulative Index #1 of Rockhound magazines by Norm Christie):

    Nov, 1981: Gems and Minerals of Mexico. Part 1. Kenneth and Doris Castro. orig + xerox.

    Dec, 1981: Gems and Minerals of Mexico: Part 2. orig + xerox.

    Geographical Review:

    Settlements in Baja Calif: 1768-1930. Geo.F.Deasy & Peter Gerhard. Vol34, pp 574-586. 1944.

    G.S.A. (Geological Society of America) publications:

    Neotectonics and Plio-Quaternary Volcanism of Santa Rosalía Area, B.C.S.

    Baja California Geology: Field Guides & Papers- SDSU/ GSA, San Diego, 1979. Abbott, P.L. & Gastil,G. See Index #16.

    Field Trip Log & 5 papers from GSA “Geology of NW Mexico and S.Arizona”,1981.

    Geochemistry and Ecology of Salt Pans at Guerrero Negro, B.C. Field Trip Guide & Paper

    by Holser, Javor, & Pierre; GSA Geology of NW Mexico & S.Arizona,1981.

    Centennial Continent/Ocean Transect #14: H-1 La Paz to Saltillo; GSA, 1990,

    The Prebatholithic Stratigraphy of Peninsular Calif. Ed by Gordon Gastil & R. Miller;

    in G.S.A.Special Paper #279. 1993. See index #20 for locales, papers and maps.

    Tectonic Evolution of the Gulf of Calif and its Margins. Umhoefer, et al, in GSA Today, Aug, 1996. ©

    G.S.A. Bulletin: (in black looseleaf binder)

    v5, 1894: Geological Sketch of Lower California. S.F.Emmons and G.P.Merrill (x)

    v49, Sep 1938: Geological Reconnaissance Across Sierra San Pedro Martir, B.C. Woodford & Harriss.

    v71, Apr 1960: Agua Blanca Fault – A Major Transverse Structure of North Baja Calif. C.R.Allen, L.T.Silver, F.G.Stehli.

    v76, Jun 1965: Tectonics, Bathymetry, and Geomagnetism of the Southern Continental Borderland, West of Baja Calif, Mexico.

    Dale C. Krause.

    v77, Aug 1966: Coastal Sand Dunes of Guerrero Negro, Baja C, Mexico. D.L.Inman, G.C.Ewing, and J.B.Corliss.

    v79, 1968: Geology and Structure of the Tip of Baja Calif. Normark & Curay ; p. 1589-1600 + 2 FoldMaps (1 in Color)

    v81, Jun 1970: Post- Batholithic Geology of the La Gloria-Presa Rodriguez Area, Baja Calif.(south of Tijuana).Clinton J. Flynn

    v , Aug 1985: Mesozoic Paleomagnetism and Northward Translation of the Baja Calif Peninsula. Jon T. Hagstrum et al.

    v101, Sep 1989: Chronology of Early Eocene Marine and Terrestrial Strata. Baja Calif, Mexico. Flynn, et al.

    Sep 1989: Late Cenozoic Basin and Range Structure in Western Mexico, Adjacent to the Gulf of Calif. C.D.Henry.

    v , Jul 1990: Lithology and Biostratigraphy of Franciscan-like Chert… in West-central Baja. Richard L. Sedlock.

    v , Jul 1990: A Submarine-Fan Valley-Levee Complex in UK Rosario fm: Implication for Turbidite Facies Models.

    Wm Morris & C.Busby.

    v , Jan, 1992: The P-T-t History of Blocks in Serpentine-matrix melange, West-central Baja. Suzanne Baldwin & T.M.Harrison.

    v. 107# 9, Sept 1995; The Cerro Mencenares volcanic center. Bigioggero, et al. ; p. 1108-1122 ©

    v 114#7, July, 2002: Evolution of the Margin of the gulf of California near Loreto. Umhoefer, et al. pp849-868. §


    #27, 1999: Active Tectonics of the Loreto area, Baja Calif Sur. Mayer & Vincent. pp 243-255. X

    Geotermia (and other C.F.E. publications) :

    Reconocimiento Geologico de la Zona Geotermica Saquicismunde-Volcan San Juan, B.C.S. C.F.E, Nov, 1986. d(bound Xerox, map)

    Geologia y Evaluacion Geotermica de la Zona Bahia Concepcion, B.C.S. V10 #3, 1994. (SE of Bahia Concepcion) ©

    Cerro Prieto Geothermal Area: (Cerro Prieto = CP)

    Statistics of Electric Generation & Steam Production for 17 Years of Operation of CP Geothermal Project. CFE, 1991. (Spanish)

    Metallic Scaling in Well M-198 (CP Geothermal Field, Mexico). CFE, 1991. (Spanish).

    Present State of the Geothermal Exploration at Laguna Salada, B.C. Geotermia V8#3, 1992. Arellano & Venegas. Sp; Engl abstr.

    Analysis of Two Catalogs of Seismicity at Cerro Prieto, 1988-95, Relationship With Reinjection.

    Hubert Fabriol. V 12, #3, 1997. (Spanish, English abstract).

    Tres Virgenes Volcano and Geothermal Area: (Las Tres virgenes = LTV)

    Estudio Geologico a Semi Detalle de la Zona Geotermica, LTV. C.F.E., Jan, 1984.

    Integracion de Estudios Tres Virgenes, B.C.S. C.F.E., August, 1989.

    Propuesta de Perforacion en la Zona Geotermica de LTV, B.C.S. C.F.E., October, 1989.

    Litologia, Mineralogia y Geotermometria del Pozo LV-2, LTV, BCS. Geothermia V6#2,1990.

    Geothermal Resources Council; Transactions:

    Geochemical Evidence of a Thermal Component in Groundwater of San Juan Londo Valley, BCS. Vol. 12, Oct 1988. ©

    Main Features of the Tres Virgenes I Geothermal Field.. Volume 22, September 1998 ©

    Vegetation Restoration during Geothermal Perforation (Tres Virgenes). Vol 21, Sept/Oct, 1997 ©

    Great Basin Naturalist

    Algal Composition of Microbiotic Crusts from the Central Desert of Baja Calif. Valerie R. Flechtner, et al. Vol.58#4, Oct, 1998.

    Gringo Gazette [edited by Junio (Snow) Castro, in San Felipe]. See Cumulative Index #6 by Norm Christie.

    Collection given to Wm H. Clark, Univ. of Idaho, July, 2014.

    Harper’s Monthly magazine:

    Dec, 1868; #223: includes: Eplorations in “Lower Calif”, part 3.

    the High Country:

    #8, Spring 1969: “The Longest Chain” (Baja Missions) Sam Hicks; “Benevolence in Baja” (volunteer Dentist) Robert de Roos. #27, 28, 29, 1974: “Flight into Antiquity” (Story of discovery of Gardner’s Caves) Sam Hicks. ©

    Herpetologica: (quarterly journal of The Herpetologists’ League)

    San Felipe Road – Snake Hunter’s Disappointment. Joseph R. Slevin. Vol. 7, 1951. ©

    Hiking :

    Baja’s Tajo Canyon. Bob Vinton.

    Hispanic American Historical Review:

    Baja California After Walker: The Zerman Enterprise. Eugene K. Chamberlin in VXXXIV#2, May, 1954. Reprint.

    Huntington Library Quarterly:

    Bandini’s Account of Wm Walker’s Invasion of Lower Calif. Vol.VII#2; Feb, 1944. (in envelope)

    Instituto Geologico de Mexico publications:

    Las Posibilidades Petroliferas en la Costa Occidental de la Baja Calif. Santillan y Barrera. 1930.

    Carta Geologica de la Baja California. Teodoro Flores. 1931. Text only. (Spanish).

    Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia ( INAH )

    Santa Rosalia, Origen e identidad de un Pueblo; 119 Aniversario. Jose Andres Cota Sandoval. 1992.

    Sitios Turísticos con interes Histórico en el Municipio de Mulegé. Jose Andres Cota Sandoval. 1992.

    Antología de la Arqueología de Baja California. INAH. 1999.

    International California Mining Journal: (formerly, “California Mining Journal”)

    Nov, 1985: Mines in Northern Baja. Edgar B. Heylmun. P.24.

    Nov, 1990: Placer Gold in Southern Baja. Edgar B. Heylmun. P.23.

    June, 1992: Santa Clara Placers, Baja. Edgar B. Heylmun. P.39.

    April, 1995: Placer Gold in Baja California. Edgar B. Heylmun. P.15.

    Nov., 2000 Gold in Northern Baja California. Edgar B. Heylmun. P.44.

    International Newsletter on RockArt

    The First RockArt Datings in Lower Calif. Fullola, J.M et al; , 1994; 9:1-4 ©

    Island Arc

    Geology, ore deposits and hydrothermal venting in Bahía Concepción, BCS. Antoni Camprubi et al,. 2008, 17, 6–25 ©


    Jan/Feb 1987: Sea of Cortez: Mexico’s Habitat Extraordinaire. Henry Genthe. pp 56-65.

    Feb, 1996: Beachcombing the Desert. Alison Deming and George H. Huey. (Espiritu Santo, Partida, & San Francisco) pp 90-101.

    Journal of America’s Military Past

    Strange Little War: American Foreign Legionaires in Baja Calif, 1911. C.H. Marcoux. Vol.XXVI, #1; 1999 ©

    Journal of Arid Environments

    Scorpions of desert oases in the southern Baja California Peninsula. M.L. Jimenez, C. Palacios. 74 (2010) 70–74 ©

    Journal of Coastal Research:

    May, 2006: Sequestration of Carbonate Shell Material in Coastal Dunes on the Gulf of California.

    Paul A. Skudder, David Backus, David Goodwin, Markes Johnson.

    Jul., 2006, Vol. 22, No. 4: The San Nicolas Formation: A Proto-Gulf Extensional-Related New Lithostratigraphic Unit at

    Bahia San Nicolas, B.C.S. Jorge Ledesma-Vázquez, Ana Carreño , Francisca Staines-Urias, and Markes Johnson ©

    January 2012: Several articles on BCS Rhodoliths.

    Journal of Geology: (Univ of Chicago)

    Geologic Reconnaissance in Baja Calif. N.H.Darton. Vol XXIX, #8; Nov, 1921. orig & reprint.

    Tectonic Decapitation of a Pliocene Mega-Delta on Isla del Carmen…: And a River Ran Through It. Markes Johnson;

    Vol 124, 2016. Reprint.

    Journal of Idaho Acadamy of Science

    Vol.12#2, Dec, 1976: (green cover)

    Central Desert of Baja Calif. Robert D. Bratz.

    Cacti of the Central Desert of Baja Cal. Blom & Bratz

    Insects as Decomposers in the Central Desert , Baja Ca. D.Ward

    Home Range and Diet of (lizard) Uta stansburiana elegans in the Central Desert of Baja Calif. Farley & Clark

    Ecological Associations of Scorpions and Yucca Spp in Baja Cal Norte. Frolich & Clark

    Myrmecophila (flowering plant) with Notes on the Ant Hosts (Hymenoptera Formicidae). Graves & Clark.

    Spotted Corsair (bug) biting Human. Ralston & Clark.

    Microscopic Anatomy of the Desert Shrew…. Ostrin & Clark, Vol.46#1, June, 2010.

    Journal of Marine Research :

    A Further Study of Upwelling and Associated Vegetation Along Pacific Baja Calif Mexico. E.Yale Dawson;

    1951, pp39-58 (missing pp51-56).

    Journal of Paleontology (The Paleontological Society)

    New Crabs from the Eocene of B.C.S…..Fossil Decapods (north of La Paz). Schweitzer et al; Suppl to V76#6, Nov.2002

    Journal of San Diego History: (Boxed): See detailed index of articles by Norm Christie in the “Index” section.

    Journal of the Southwest

    The mining boom in Baja California from 1850 to 1890 and the emergence of Tijuana as a border community. ©

    Taylor, Lawrence D. V43, Dec 2001

    Journal of Vulcanology

    Geochemical Survey of Medium Temperature Geothermal Rseources from Baja Cal. & Sonora. Barragan, et al, 2001. ©pdf

    Journal of the West:

    Baja California and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Ken M. Johnson. Vol XI, #2; April, 1972. ©

    Lapidary Journal: See Cumulative Index #1 (to Baja Rockhounding articles), by Norm Christie

    Leaflets in Malacology

    V1#19; Dec 1960: Notices of new Eastern Pacific Molusca – IV. S. Stillman Berry.

    Look Magazine

    8 Sept, 1970: “Baja Experienced”. Paul Fusco.

    Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History: (in looseleaf binder, “LACMNH”)

    See Index #28 “Contributions in Science” and “Terra” articles:

    Masterkey; Southwest Museum :

    Vol XXI, #4; July, 1947: How to Build a California Adobe (pt 3) M.R.Harrington.

    V XXIII, #1; Jan, 1949: A Stirrup Pot from Lower Calif. Geo. W. Brainard.

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