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    Authors Index:

    Abbott and Gastil, editors: Baja Calif Geology, Field Guide and Papers. 1979 (partial xerox only)

    Abbot, Sangines, & Rendina, eds. Geologic Investigations in Baja Calif. South Coast Geological Society. 1993.

    Ainsworth, Katherine: The Man Who Captured Sunshine. 1978. Biography of John W. Hilton (Baja artist and explorer)

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    Allison, Edwin C.: See Gastil, G.R.

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    Amey, Ralph: Wines of Baja California. 2003.

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    Archaeology in Central Baja California. U.C. Press, 1957. (Laguna Chapala area)

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    Automobile Club of Southern Calif: Log of Baja Calif, Mexico. 1962, 1965, 1966, 1991, 2001.

    : Guide to Baja Calif del Norte 1968, 1970, 1972.

    : Guide to Baja Calif del Sur: 1968, 1969, 1971, 1972.

    Baegert, Johann Jakob: Observations in Lower Calif. 1771. Translated 1979.

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    Berger, Bruce & Gil, Patricio Robles:Sierra, Sea and Desert; El Vizcaino, Baja Calif. 1998

    Bonham, Frank: The Vagabundos. 1st ed, 1969. (fiction).

    Bostic, Dennis: Natural History Guide to Pac Cst. & N.Central Baja. 1975.

    Botello, Judy Godstein: The Other Side, Travels in Baja Calif. 1998.

    Boudreau, Eugene: Trails of the Sierra Madre.1973.

    Brandes, Ray: The Constanso Narrative of the Portola Expedition(1769) 1970.

    Brandi, John: Diary from Baja California. 1977. 15-page Poetic prose/essay, soft bound.

    Brenton, Thaddeus: Bahia; Ensenada and its Bay. 1961.

    Brow, Dix: Sea of Cortez Guide. 1982/87.

    Brown, Henry M. Santo Domingo. English 1993. Span 1994. History and personalities.

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    Browne (1866) and Murray (1966): Explorations in Lower Calif.

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    Bush, Wesley A.: Paradise to Leeward. 1954.

    Campana, Mary F.: Baja California Islands Flora & Vertebrate Fauna Bibliography. 1997. (on internet)

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    : The King’s Highway in Baja California. 1974. (2 copies)

    : Last of the Californios. 1981. Special Edition copy #491.

    “Los Ultimos Californios”, 2010, in Spanish

    : The Call to California (with J. Copley & R. Pourade) 1968. #115.

    : Cave Paintings of Baja California. revised ed, 1984. and 1997.

    : Doomed to Fail; Gaspar de Portola’s First Calif Appointees. 1989.

    : Portrait of Paloma (novel) , 2001


    Winter 1977; vXXIII #1: El Camino Real in Baja Calif: Loreto to San Diego

    Spring, 1976; vXXII #2: El Camino Real in Baja Calif; Comments on “Problems of the Serra Route

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