Monday, October 25, 2021
A new border wall proposal would cut through Tijuana River channel and the Friendship Park at Playas de Tijuana will soon look different

Changes coming to the Tijuana/San Ysidro border

A new border wall proposal would cut through Tijuana River channel and the Friendship Park at Playas de Tijuana will soon look different.
COVID Baja California Mexico - new restrictions announced

New COVID Restrictions Coming to Baja California

The BC State Secretary of Health announced new restrictive measures are to be imposed in the state to prevent more infections
Daylight Savings Time Change on Sunday

Baja California moves to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday

The northern half of the peninsula changes time this coming Sunday and it could get even more confusing if California has its way

Car Insurance – chance to save BIG!

Baja Bound is now offering frequent travelers and residents of Baja / Sonora HUGE discounts of up to 60% on annual policies
Sea Shepherd Fawley Mowat Sea of Cortez - Baja California Gulf - vaquita porpoise protection

The Baja Gulf’s ongoing war over the vaquita porpoise

A conservationist group reported its vessel being rammed by two fishermen over their efforts to protect the endangered vaquita porpoise

Mexico celebrates halting of border wall construction but what will be its future?

Mexico praised Biden's order halting the construction of the border wall, but questions remain if it will be left or torn down?
#BernieSandersMittens at San Pedro Martir Baja California Mexico

Heavy Snow at San Pedro Martir

Access to the park is closed with one very famous visitor turned away due to the snow and icy road conditions #BernieSandersMittens

Rosarito Beach shuts down beach access for 2 weeks

The Rosarito Beach mayor announced the closure due to failure at a local sewage treatment plant, caused by a power outage

American accused of murdering a Tijuana prostitute at Adelitas Bar

The tragic event occurred at the bar on Coahuila Avenue in Tijuana's Red Light district last Wednesday night with his son nearby

Border Crossing Restrictions Between US-Mexico Extended Until Mid-October

The U.S.-Mexico border will not reopen fully until mid-October, the Mexican government confirmed on Thursday.

U.S. Consulate Tijuana: Agent murdered; 2 Arrested

Edgar Flores Santos, an employee of the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana was found dead in a rural area; two suspects have been arrested.
Non-essential border crossings travel restriction continued to February

U.S. & Mexico agree to extend border restrictions until February 21

The border restrictions between Mexico and the United States for non-essential crossings will remain in effect for at least another month
Baja California registering senior citizens for COVID19 vaccine

Baja California now registering seniors 60 and over for COVID19 vaccines

Legal permanent residents age 60 or over without other health insurance can now register online to be vaccinated against COVID19
Nuclear Power Plant Coming to Baja?

Nuclear Power Plant Coming to Baja?

The Energy Secretary for Mexico is promoting the idea to build a new electrical power production plant for CFE, powered by an atomic reactor
Resorts in Los Cabos offering COVID testing

Cabo resorts offering COVID testing

In their bid to keep tourists coming, more than 85 Los Cabos hotels, villas, timeshares and other lodgings are offering rapid COVID tests.

Baja California: COVID19 Tug of War

The Federal Health Secretary announced an easing of pandemic restrictions while the Governor calls to keep the restrictions in place for now.