Sunday, September 19, 2021
Vaquita Porpoise endangered in Sea of Cortez

Vaquita: Extinction now likely as Mexico appears to give up

Surrendering any ground gained on the vaquita's preservation with no serious proposals to help the gulf's fishermen, all hope now seems lost

Extinction cascading through ecosystems a serious threat

Baja California coastal ecosystems provide evidence of correlations between lack of conservation and extinctions higher up the food chain
Former Miss Universe Lupita Jones could run for governor of Baja California

Former Miss Universe could run for governor of Baja California

Lupita Jones - 1991 winner of the Miss Universe pageant - is considering a possible candidacy to run for governor in Baja California

A HIGHER calling? Sisters of the Valley in Tijuana…

The non-denominational sisterhood is dedicated to serve the local community by growing cannabis for medicinal use
Daylight Savings Time Change on Sunday

Baja California moves to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday

The northern half of the peninsula changes time this coming Sunday and it could get even more confusing if California has its way
Marijuana legalization approved by Mexican Congress

Marijuana Legalization Approved by Mexican Congress

Mexico's Congress passed legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, now awaiting an expected final approval in the Senate

Border travel restrictions extended through March 21st

U.S. land borders with both Canada and Mexico will remain closed to non-essential travel until at least March 21, 2021

Car Insurance – chance to save BIG!

Baja Bound is now offering frequent travelers and residents of Baja / Sonora HUGE discounts of up to 60% on annual policies

American accused of murdering a Tijuana prostitute at Adelitas Bar

The tragic event occurred at the bar on Coahuila Avenue in Tijuana's Red Light district last Wednesday night with his son nearby
Baja California registering senior citizens for COVID19 vaccine

Baja California now registering seniors 60 and over for COVID19 vaccines

Legal permanent residents age 60 or over without other health insurance can now register online to be vaccinated against COVID19
Border crossing restrictions into Mexico due to COVID

Baja’s COVID infections skyrocketing; new border restrictions on tourism announced

COVID cases in Baja California are reaching historic levels requiring new restrictions to be placed on southbound border tourism
Oxygenb tanks shortage in Baja California

COVID creates high demand for O₂ tanks and crematoriums in Baja California

The recent surge in COVID infections in Baja California is responsible for the shortages of both oxygen tanks as well as crematoriums
Suspect in murder of 78-year-old Ian Hirschsohn and 73-year-old Kathy Harvey at El Socorro, Baja California Mexico

Arrest made in murders of Ian and Kathy

Mexican authorities arrested a man on suspicion of killing two expats last summer near San Quintin and then dumping their bodies in a well
Resorts in Los Cabos offering COVID testing

Cabo resorts offering COVID testing

In their bid to keep tourists coming, more than 85 Los Cabos hotels, villas, timeshares and other lodgings are offering rapid COVID tests.
#BernieSandersMittens at San Pedro Martir Baja California Mexico

Heavy Snow at San Pedro Martir

Access to the park is closed with one very famous visitor turned away due to the snow and icy road conditions #BernieSandersMittens

Mexico celebrates halting of border wall construction but what will be its future?

Mexico praised Biden's order halting the construction of the border wall, but questions remain if it will be left or torn down?