Tuesday, August 3, 2021

One year anniversary of the border closure to non-essential traffic

COVID restrictions at the northern Mexican border have been applied mostly only northbound splitting families and hurting business
Border crossing restrictions into Mexico due to COVID

Baja’s COVID infections skyrocketing; new border restrictions on tourism announced

COVID cases in Baja California are reaching historic levels requiring new restrictions to be placed on southbound border tourism
BCS warned of a coming COVID shutdown

BCS Governor warns of total COVID shutdown

With infections rates & hospitalizations rising along with a critical shortage of ventilators, a complete shutdown looms
Resorts in Los Cabos offering COVID testing

Cabo resorts offering COVID testing

In their bid to keep tourists coming, more than 85 Los Cabos hotels, villas, timeshares and other lodgings are offering rapid COVID tests.
Baja California registering senior citizens for COVID19 vaccine

Baja California now registering seniors 60 and over for COVID19 vaccines

Legal permanent residents age 60 or over without other health insurance can now register online to be vaccinated against COVID19
Oxygenb tanks shortage in Baja California

COVID creates high demand for O₂ tanks and crematoriums in Baja California

The recent surge in COVID infections in Baja California is responsible for the shortages of both oxygen tanks as well as crematoriums

Baja’s restaurants & bars hardest hit during pandemic

As many as one third have permanently closed in some areas of the peninsula but there is some positive news coming out as well
Non-essential border crossings travel restriction continued to February

U.S. & Mexico agree to extend border restrictions until February 21

The border restrictions between Mexico and the United States for non-essential crossings will remain in effect for at least another month